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mediaSELF, Poland

Now you can do it mediaSELF!

As of 2003 focused on Internet and multimedia solutions with the brand name of grupaSELF.
In 2007 due to the company's development grupaSELF changes into mediaSELF with its main focus on advanced B2B and B2C website and multimedia solutions for business and institutional customers.

Our focus:

* internet and intranet sites and solutions
* design and multimedia
* e-commerce
* SEO, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Internet marketing and advertising (

Selected reference sites:

* Gruner und Jahr Poland
* - social network
* Euro-Car Ford Dealer
* Marina Park
* Masterlease Poland
* Plast-Box SA
* GRAS Fire Hydrants
* MS Windows and Doors

mediaSELF references (51)

Carservis Holding

Carservis Holding -

A corporate website for one of the largest car dealing holdings in Poland. The companies in the holding sell Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Hyundai, Kia.

Oscar -

A car dealer, member of Carservis holding. Website and interactive sales tools.

Mototransus -

A car dealer, member of Carservis holding. Website and interactive sales tools.

Resma -

A car dealer, member of Carservis holding. Website and interactive sales tools.
FAS Packing

FAS Packing -

A website for temporary job agency.

Auto-Res -

A car dealer, member of Carservis holding. Website and interactive sales tools.

Carserwis -

A car dealer, member of Carservis holding. Website and interactive sales tools.

Avanti -

A car dealer, member of Carservis holding. Website and interactive sales tools.
Manus Facere

Manus Facere -

Designer and manufacturer of custom-made wooden furniture and home interior products from Finland.


A website for eyeware producer and distributor.
mediaSELF Intranet

mediaSELF Intranet - This is internal application

Intranet portal for mediaSELF team. A perfect tool for communcation, information storage, knowledge base with a dedicated, personal dashboard for each registered user allowing quick access both to internal content as well as external RSS feeds.

Grawipol -

New website for the leading local printing and DTP house.

Eurocar -

Website of one of the largest Polish Ford dealers operating in the north of Poland. Implementation of some dedicated modules and tools, including car and offer catalogs, browsers and custom search, inquiry grouping (basket), car servicing reminder etc.
Bohema Wyścigi

Bohema Wyścigi -

Website of a horse-racing center, horse stud and a hotel.
Opolska SKOK

Opolska SKOK -

Opolska SKOK is a membership-based, co-operative financial institution whose statutory tasks are providing low-interest loans and investment plans to individual persons. OSKOK, with over a hundred offices all around Poland, is one of the largest institutions of that kind in the country.

The implementation of eZ Publish CMS, among many standard content-management features, involved the design and development of custom-made solutions. Those include a loan calculator, an investment calculator, a job application form, office location catalogue and others.
Masterlease Poland Client Zone

Masterlease Poland Client Zone -

A client zone website for Masterlease (GMAC Financial Services), one of the world’s largest financial institutions. The company specializes in alternative financing of means of transport, and in particular in providing state-of-the-art services in the field of full service leasing.
Masterlease Poland

Masterlease Poland -

Masterlease (GMAC Financial Services) is one of the world’s largest financial institutions. The company specializes in alternative financing of means of transport, and in particular in providing state-of-the-art services in the field of full service leasing.

Masterlease is an international organization with branches in 17 countries all over the world – in Europe, America and Australia. The company headquarters is located in Birmingham in the UK.

Masterlease Poland is Poland’s leader in full service leasing.

The bilingual implementation for Masterlease Poland included full migration from a custom PHP framework to eZ Publish, a number of dedicated extensions as well as minor design lifting (previously all implemented by mediaSELF). -, an online version of a Gruner und Jahr Poland cooking magazine, is a large Web 2.0 portal for cooking fans and gourmets. Its main purpose is to give access to a vast database of food and drink recipes, cooking advice and diet guides. Also, it allows users to create their own recipes, comment on other entries, participate in forum discussions etc. User-friendly navigation, search and filtering tools provide easy access to the type of recipe you are looking for.

The integration includes a number of dedicated extensions, with advanced operations on treenodes and keywords/tags, datatypes, grading and user community ranks. A migration of substantial portion of the site's content was also part of the project.
G+J Poland corporate website

G+J Poland corporate website -

The new corporate website for the Polish division of global publisher Gruner and Jahr is an implementation of eZ Publish CMS 4.0. It is aimed at presenting in one place the inrfomation on G+J and all magazines published by them in Poland.

Apart from standard content presentation, dedicated flash modules, with dynamic content managed via administration panel of eZ Publish, have been added.

Also, the project involved creating an application implemented as a dedicated extension to the system. The application is used by media-planners to calculate the costs of advertising campaigns in G+J's magazines. The tools include import and multiple-format export of data, detailed use logs, automated data archives.
G+J intranet portal

G+J intranet portal -

Based on the implementation of eZ Publish CMS 4.0, the intranet solution for Gruner und Jahr Poland serves the purpose of knowledge and information center to the publisher's office staff.

With its clear and functional structure, usable shortcuts and links, document repositiories and user-generated-content modules the portal helps share and exchange content between users. - is a Web 2.0 portal created for the community of Polish architects, interior designers, landscaping designers and all people interested in designing and managing space. It is a redesigned version of a previous portal which had gained large popularity among Polish architects, students and many other users.

The portal allows its registered users to present their own projects, publish information on their design studios etc. in six free and open catalogues. It enables the exchange of ideas and feedback on their work. Additionally, users may enhance their presence on the portal through publishing content in galleries (e.g. Old Towns Gallery), on forums and by running their own blogs, by commenting others' content etc. is also a source of valuable information on architectural competitions, important events, new technological and technical solutions for designers etc.

The portal's owners are already preparing new functionalitites but .. not a word more on that for now. :)

From a technical point of view, the portal is an implementation of eZ Publish 4.0 CMS with a number of custom-made classes and extensions. It is integrated with an ad server (OpenX).
Tritec AS

Tritec AS -

Tritec AS is a group of high tech companies which offer development, engineering and fabrication of complex automation. The group is working in 3 main areas: customized automation, fabrication and series production for offshore, car industry and ordinary mechanical industry. The new multi-language website serves the company's Norwegian headquarters as well as its abroad locations.


A website for a real estate managing, developing and marketing company. Apart from general information sites, the website contains a catalog of real estate offers combined with a system solution for building separate websites for particular real estate projects with their individual domains.
Infowczasy webcatalog subdomain system

Infowczasy webcatalog subdomain system -

An implementation of automated host-addressed siteaccess multiplication, which provides the offers placed in the web catalogs and with unique host names per single offer (for example: www.* as well as a dedicated, catalog-independent layout. The solution provides centralized interface for siteaccess/host-config generation and serves couple of hundreds offer objects.

Infowczasy -

A web catalog of Polish seaside hotels, pensions and room-rental places. Besides, information about towns and regional attractions, weather, events. - Informator Turystyczny Gminy Postomino - Informator Turystyczny Gminy Postomino -

A web catalog of seaside hotels, pensions and room-rental places situated in the town of Jarosławiec in Poland.
Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa KOLEJARZ in Słupsk

Spółdzielnia Mieszkaniowa KOLEJARZ in Słupsk -

Website for a large residential cooperative located in Słupsk, Poland.
eZ developer's blog

eZ developer's blog -

A blog? Not sure... probably a blog-form developer's notepad. We'll see... I've never run a blog before, don't know what to expect ;) I believe, stable version 4 plus my first steps with extensions are good enough reason to have it on. So it's on!
Fasada PCV

Fasada PCV -

New website of a large manufacturer of custom-made windows and doors.

Biesiada-Catering -

An Internet presentation of a Warsaw-based company organizing a variety of events and celebrations such as company parties, birthdays, weddings etc.

Arcana -

A website publishing information on and an offer of a Public Relations company from Szczecin, Poland.
Marina Park

Marina Park -

Marina Park comprises luxury apartments for sale located close to the port in the very centre of Ustka. The building complex has been designed so as to offer maximum comfort and security. Marina Park comprises stylized tenement houses, harmonically combined to form one building.

Ustka is one of the most healthy and cleanest spas at the Baltic seaside. The popularity of Ustka has been consolidated for years now to reach the status of an unofficial summer capital of Poland and to gain the name of the best Polish seaside resort. Huge assets of Ustka are beautiful, wide beaches located on eastern and western sides of the town.

The main and only investor of the Marina Park apartment buildings is the Polish company of Baltiquality Sp. z o.o. with the majority share capital of a Belgian developer operating in the real estate market for a number of years. Currently, it is active in the European markets to conduct investments in several countries including Poland (Ustka) and Belgium (Brussels). It provides the customers with the highest quality developer products.

Flota -

A website for Flota Sp. z o.o., a company which offers long-term car rental, including full service and dedicated management to corporate customers as well as a range of other rental-related services: rentals, financing, insurance, used cars, substitute cars, and other.

Paula-Trans -

New website for Paula-Trans, a Polish company specializing in international transportation and cooling services.

MS beyond WINDOWS -

MS is a reliable European manufacturer of high-quality products for homes and for the construction industry. Wooden, aluminum and PVC windows and doors, roller shutters, mosquito screens and stone that decorates building elevations and interiors, guarantee their Customers satisfaction and comfort for long years. MS beyond WINDOWS is being appreciated by more and more people worldwide.

The new corporate website, based on eZ Publish CMS, introduces the company and its offer in eight different languages with independent, manageable structures as well as multiple additional modules and features, such as dedicated home pages, polls, news, press, distribution network databases, partner-dedicated areas, and other.


Organizing a wedding ceremony and a reception is a long-lasting and complex process and you realize it mostly after deciding to go through this enormous undertaking alone. It is daunting especially because of one-time character and it is not your usual occupation and thus your are not able to devote totally to it. RSVP are. They specialize in it and their working time is extremely flexible in this matter. They do know the best people and places to prepare a wedding day which will make you only glitter and leave you with only positive emotions. Professionals working with passion.
US Consulting Corp.

US Consulting Corp. -

A company providing comprehensive legal services in the fields of civil law, family law, inheritance law and criminal law and offering assistance in legalizing residency in the USA, obtaining the correct type of visa and the preparation of all formal requirements in this respect.

adSELF -

adSELF, a branch of, specializing in the Internet and new media advertising, especially search engine advertising.

mDom -

Website for mDom Studio specializing in interior decoration.

NordGlass -

One of the leaders among the automotive glass manufacturers in Europe with more than ten years of experience in glass manufacturing for the automotive industry which enabled the company to launch and expand tempered glass manufacturing for the automotive and construction industries.
DL Realty & Construction Corp.

DL Realty & Construction Corp. -

Based in New York City, DL Realty & Construction Corp. offers assistance in finding rental apartments and houses as well as redecorating rental apartments, houses and rooms. The company's main activity is the comprehensive renovation of houses, apartments, offices and the interiors of public buildings. It encompasses a wide range of building and renovation services, from the initial design to the fitting out of interiors.
Plast-Box Ukraine

Plast-Box Ukraine -

Complex, multi-language website for Plast-Box S.A. Ukraina, company that specializes in design and manufacture of plastic packaging.
Plast-Box S.A.

Plast-Box S.A. -

Complex, multi-language website for PTS Plast-Box S.A., company that specializes in design and manufacture of plastic packaging, with great experience of plastic processing as well as application of cutting-edge technology and materials.
Villa Milenium

Villa Milenium -

Website for Villa Milenium, pension situated in the well known resort Mielno-Unieście, located between the Baltic Sea and Jamno Lake in northern Poland.
Amber Villa

Amber Villa -

Website for Amber Villa, pension situated in the well known resort Mielno-Unieście, located between the Baltic Sea and Jamno Lake in northern Poland.
Mlodziezowe Centrum Kultury (EMCEK)

Mlodziezowe Centrum Kultury (EMCEK) -

A complex website for Youth Culture Center.


Wonderful location near the beach, SPA microclimate, excellent equipment. Welcome to EDEN - SPA, beauty, regeneration, diet, medical support.
Polskie Morze

Polskie Morze -

Site advertising Polish (Baltic) Sea and its regional attractions.