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eZ Publish is the ultimate "app for that" on a Mac OS X Server. The combination delivers enterprise class cloud services/document management with unprecedented power and ease of use. offers installation, setup, configuration and initial design of eZ Publish to specifications on OS X and linux hosting. Custom shell scripting, apache configurations, os X automations, and MySQL database replication/management for maximum productivity and ease of use.

Refining technology for simplified end user interfaces since 1993. references (7)

Anthony Ford Catfishing and Spoonbill Guide

Anthony Ford Catfishing and Spoonbill Guide -

First effort with eZ 4.4. About half the content came from existing godaddy hosting account.

About a day to put it together. Another day to get it online and tweaked out. Sites with ezwebin are powerful, fun, fast. Spoonbill, Paddlefish, big Catfish, neat stuff.

History of Hearing Museum

History of Hearing Museum -

An ezwebin based site showcasing the beautiful handling of photos by eZ Publish. Not professional photos, but very professional publishing of photos.

Client wanted to get their print brochures online. Instead of photocopy and paste paper to the Web, I helped them discover a way to bring a flow to the information and maximize interest. If you ever get to Springfield, MO, auditory amusement and amazement awaits.

One day of effort on client site, one day following that to deliver product to the Web. No updates since. In four months this site climbed into top ten percent of sites worldwide based upon Alexa traffic ranks. Testament to the power of eZ Publish and simple content well delivered.


pommecountry -

A local recreational area mashup that combines key information from scattered sites and various organizations into one focused location.

Takes advantage of multimedia and distributed editing capabilities of eZ Publish and eZ Flow.


iPliance -

Plug it in, turn it on. OS X Server Technology on a Mini packs a lot of value, and extends famously user friendly interfaces to fulfill the IT requirements of small business owners and embedded systems designers. One Terabyte of storage on board, fits in your hands.

eZ Publish with eZ Flow, primarily a blog with more or less static article content.


WebPortalMaster -

Millions of webmasters, only one WebPortalMaster.

eZ Flow site exploring the best ways to use a combination of eZ Publish, Apple OS X, and Media Temple hosting (CentOS) technologies to create, update, and MANAGE the best Web content experience for creators and consumers.

Simpson Creek Farms

Simpson Creek Farms -

Ma and Pa site. Pa is not a computer lover, but he updates the embedded blog whenever he gets a chance because it is so easy to do. Just fill out the form and click Publish.

SimpsonCreekFarms -