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kubus media

kubus media

Petersgasse 24

CH-4051 Basel


Phone: +41 61 693 00 77

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kubus media, Switzerland

Agency for future, contemporary and classic communication.

Not different. Appropriate.
Managing things intuitively. Break boundaries. On all levels.

Development of a wide range of eZ Publish based solutions, starting from small corporate websites to large enterprise sized projects. Including consulting, concept and design.

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Adiuventia – Mandates and Consultancy

Adiuventia – Mandates and Consultancy -

Adiuventia covers the majority of needs dealing with maintenance and optimization of complex assets.

The spectrum of services ranges from real estate solutions and services for foundations up to the extend of offers of mentoring philathropy-intents (Philanthropy Management).

The main focus remains the target-oriented accomplishment of the exceptional clients particular demands.
Pantheon Basel

Pantheon Basel -

Pantheon Basel is fully dedicated to vintage cars. It consists of a museum, a restaurant and a garage. The Website will give a comprehensive overview of the world of vintage cars.
Kein Bild von Dir

Kein Bild von Dir - covers topics related to young media & cultural projects worldwide, which distinguish themselves through originality or an interesting context. offers the possibility to present uprising projects using vivid and high-grade Videos.
Bargella Invest

Bargella Invest -

Bargella Invest is a real-estate focused investment company which evaluates, sells and puts property on the market.
Allschwil Leben

Allschwil Leben -

Allschwil Leben is an association with over 1200 members. Allschwil Leben represents the inhabitants of the areas most affected by noise emissions created by airplanes, namely Basel-west, Allschwil and Schönenbuch.


Streuplan is an owner managed agency in Zurich for integrated, below the line communication.
Büchler Trommelbau

Büchler Trommelbau -

The Basel based manufacturer of traditional bassdrums. Amongst many others, Büchler Trommelbau supplies the swiss army as well as many carnival unions.
All Night Long

All Night Long -

Over the past few years the party series 'all night long' evolved around one of the hippest swiss DJ's. These parties, which take place in the Kaufleuten in Zurich, have become a monumental part of the helvetian club scene.
Art Centre Basel

Art Centre Basel -

The Art Centre Basel conceptualises and manages travelling exhibitions and advises on all aspects of international exhibition marketing from all fields of art. The Art Centre Basel either creates its own exhibitions and sends them on tour to distinguished museums around the world or organises international itineraries for external exhibition projects.


NUBEO was founded with a creative spirit to develop a company focused on creating high-end timepieces, which merge traditional elements, and craftsmanship with new ideas and a distinctive design inspired by the eternal design of natural organisms.
GlobalVest AG Switzerland

GlobalVest AG Switzerland -

GLOBALVEST AG Switzerland is a life settlement consulting company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland and consists of several experts from the insurance and financial industry, who have many years of experience with the U.S. policy secondary market, in both fields of the industry: assisting investors and assisting policy owners. As a Life Settlement Consulting Company in the U.S. secondary life insurance marketplace , GLOBALVEST AG Switzerland acts as a link between sellers and investors.