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Interoute, France

Interoute's network is the largest in Europe today, offering unparalleled homogeneity, reach and capacity. Our products and services include bandwidth, virtual private networks, high speed internet access and transit, managed hosting, communications services and media streaming.

Our fibre optic network, consists of twelve rings connecting 90 cities in 24 countries across 57,000+ route kilometres of lit fibre and has the capacity to carry a petabit (a billion megabits per second) of traffic. We have also built metropolitan area networks (MANs) in 21 major European centres of business with further cities planned during 2009.

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Voyazine hosting travel guide, the online magazine for the French railway operator SNCF was developed with eZ Publish by NOVEN and it is hosted by the eZ Business Partner INTEROUTE. eZ Publish was chosen as the main platform because of its flexibility, scalability and easiness of use. Download the full case study via the banner below.
Fromageries Bel

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Bel specializes in developing and manufacturing quality, brand name cheeses enjoyed around the world and affordable to all. The Group adapts its strategy to develop its brands and build its leadership in accordance with the country and by carefully studying eating habits.

The brand Tchizbox needed a powerful Open Source CMS to provide a unique and energetic brand experience to Bel's audience.
eZ Publish has also been chosen because it is trusted by many large retailers and organizations.