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Internet Dinámica

Internet Dinámica

Bartolome Mitre 864

Piso 8vo. C1036PAA Ciudad de Buenos Aires


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Phone: +54-11-5256-2640

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Internet Dinámica , Argentina

Internet Dinámica deploys tailor-made websites, portals and Internet solutions. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we exceed our customers requirements with products ranging from an excellent electronic mail system to the most complete web applications. We provide high availability services and high quality technical support, which enable our customers to save energy and focus on the best way to make themselves known.

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Club Arte al Día is the benefits site for Arte al Día Magazine. You can get lots of benefits if you are associated to the Club. Be sure to find all kind of advantages and premium services if you are interested in the magical world of art.

Bazzioni -

Bazzioni is an important enterprise from the city of Buenos Aires. It's work is centered in furniture design and restoration. The site contains not only a description of the used techniques, but also important information about the enterprise and it's works.

El Emporio de Lanus -

El Emporio de Lanus is one of the most important food providers located in the southern zone of Buenos Aires. From different kinds of salami to the most exquisite appetizers, be sure you will find all you need when planning your next meal.
Marta Diez

Marta Diez -

Marta Diez is an argentinian artist, specialized in the creation of masks. By navegating the website, you will find a large gallery with all her works and information about everything she does for the art world.
Ediciones AEC

Ediciones AEC -

Ediciones AEC is a very important publishing house. It is specialized in medicine and arts. You can find anything you think it may be related to this subjects entering the website.

Dacilart -

Dacilart is a fine art gallery located in the city of Buenos Aires. Enter the website to know everything about its expositions and latest news.
Los Mandalas

Los Mandalas -

Los Mandalas is an amazing art site. You will find all kind of pictures and information about expositions as well as an important art guide. Be sure you will have a satisfactory experience.
El Club de la Bicicleta

El Club de la Bicicleta -

El Club de la Bicicleta provides you all the information you need if you are looking for BikeTours in the city of San Luis and all aronund the province of the same name. Let us give you what you expect from an adventure trip.
Noticias Judiciales

Noticias Judiciales -

Noticias Judiciales is an online newspaper, specialized in law news, and everything that concerns trials and judges. Its journalists and editors obtain the published information from primary sources, right from the Judiciary.
Galería Thames

Galería Thames -

Galería Thames is an important art gallery where the visitor can find lots of exhibitions about argentinian art. It is located in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods of the city of Buenos Aires, and each year it's becoming more relevant through the fine arts world.
Mauro Bunker

Mauro Bunker -

Mauro Bunker is an entertainment web site, developed specially for kids. You can find lots of games, videos, and all kind of stories and jokes that will make you laugh. Enter and enjoy.

Cacaav -

Cacaav is the Argentine union for the air conditioning. The site offers all the necessary information for technicians who are interested in the subject. It contains a large list with every certified installer. In addition, it has an advanced search engine to find them.
Laura Podio

Laura Podio -

Laura Podio was born in the province of La Rioja, in northwestern Argentina. From the year 1996 she has traveled regularly to India and Southeast Asian countries, in which she investigates the roots of religious Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu Art.
She is well training at areas of prevention for health, nutrition and mental area Ayurvedic (traditional medical system of India).
One of her main interests is to link the art field with the health’s areas, through prevention, understanding the arts as a valuable tool for emotional and psychological tool. She is gathering the Hindu ancestral knowledge with the developments of Western Jungian psychology.
Buzios Total

Buzios Total -

Buzios Total is a tourism site specialized in Buzios's attractions. You will find all kind of explanations about different places to visit, showed with pictures and necessary information for the traveler.

Be sure you'll have all you need when planning your trip to Buzios visiting this site first.
Tangram Bureau

Tangram Bureau -

Tangram Bureau is a new concept on marketing consulting. Creating new perspectives and points of wiew when making decisions about having a better position in the desired market, it gives the chance to develop your business through amazing and innovative methods.

Caribe Total

Caribe Total -

Caribe Total is a tourism site specialized in caribbean attractions. You will find all kind of explanations about different places to visit, showed with pictures and necessary information for the traveler.

Be sure you'll have all you need when planning your trip to the caribbean area visiting this site first.
Club Atlético Banfield

Club Atlético Banfield -

Club Atlético Banfield is one of the most important football institutions in Argentina. Playing at the highest category in AFA's national championship, Banfield continues to be a centre of high level football players to Argentina and the rest of the world.
System's Asap

System's Asap -

System's ASAP was founded in 1991 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the IT area with the aim of offering their knowledge and expertise in developing integrated software solutions for companies using the latest techniques to achieve the highest quality results at the most reasonable cost.
Está Escrito

Está Escrito -

Está Escrito is an argentinian company dedicated to editorial services. It offers different kind of services, such as corrections, content creation, journalist's solutions and internet indexation on the best search engines.
Brasil Total

Brasil Total -

Brasil Total is a tourism site specialized in Brasil's attractions. You will find all kind of explanations about different places to visit, showed with pictures and necessary information for the traveler.

Be sure you'll have all you need when planning your trip to Brazil visiting this site first.

Magnes -

Magnes offers the best fragances for any kind of rooms, offices, cars, and every place you would like to renew with a magnificent scent. Visit our website and discover the huge perfume catalog you probably might like to see.
Grupo Azoth

Grupo Azoth -

Grupo Azoth is a group of professional enterprises dedicated to different areas, from marketing, web services and graphic design, to legal services, commercial productions and internet advertising. If you are interested in developing your business with the latest ideas and the newest commercial tools and strategies, please take a look on Grupo Azoth's website and find yor perfect partner.
Haddad Consultores

Haddad Consultores -

Haddad Consultores is an experienced company in fiscal rights consulting. With more than 20 years of succes with its clients, the company is recognized for its unvaluable values: eficiency, respect, knowledge and precision in advicing you in your decisions.
Argentina Total

Argentina Total -

Argentina Total is one of the most important tourism sites in this beautiful country. If you are planning to visit Argentina, don't forget to visit our site first. Detailed descriptions for every destination, lots of photographs and the cheapest prices are combined with a very easy way for organizing your trip.
Axarquia Ornamental

Axarquia Ornamental -

Axarquia Ornamental S.L. is an important enterprise dedicated to the commercialization of all kind of plants, flowers and garden elements. It is situated in the south of Spain, where there is an appropiate weather for that kind of activity. Their new website contains a huge catalog, in which you will find the type of natural product you need.
Arte Al Día

Arte Al Día -

Devoted to the diffusion of Latin American art, particularly the fine arts, Arte al Día Internacional is a 28-year old publication with strong leadership in the art market. It was founded in 1980 by Jorge Augusto Costa Peuser with the aim of continuing a family editorial tradition and his art passion.

Mundo Bonsai

Mundo Bonsai -

Mundo Bonsai is a website created in order to satisfy the biggest exigences. It is dedicated to everyone that is interested in the fantastic bonsai and natural world.
Bolsas y filtros Philips

Bolsas y filtros Philips -

Philips presents the best bags and filters for your vacuum cleaner. Be sure you will have the best products, specially designed to increase the vacuum cleaner's performance.
Afeitadora Philips

Afeitadora Philips -

Philips presents the new shaver with moisturizing system. It brings the best quality, and has been designed for better shavings.

Marketwise -

Marketwise consulting offers you the possibility to position your business properly in the desired market. We have professionals dedicated to analyze the entire process between your enterprise and its customers and potencials.
Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets -

Exotic Pets is a company dedicated to import all kind of fishes, reptiles and animals from all over the world. Its purpose is to satisfy the client's interest in this animals, giving information before and after making the decision of buying.
Fortin Patria Lodge

Fortin Patria Lodge -

Estancia Fortin Patria is a private reserve situated on the shores of the Rio Negro in the Paraguayan Pantanal. It neighbors with Bolivia’s Otuquis Tucavaca and Brazil’s Nabileque National Park.

The Pantanal is home to the largest concentration of wildlife in South America. It is home to 665 bird species, to over 30 migratory birds that summer in North America, 265 fish species, 95 mammals and over 1700 species of flowering plants. It is one of the worlds richest ecosystems.
Sanatorio Wilde

Sanatorio Wilde -

Sanatorio Wilde is one of the most important medical centers in Buenos Aires Province. With years of experience in giving first class assistance, continues every year to add new services that confirm its high level activities.

Enter the site for specific information about medical services.
Huayra Huasi

Huayra Huasi -

Huayra Huasi is an argentinian enterprise from Catamarca province. Its products are typical foods and drinks from the north west of the country, specialities that every tourist should know and taste to know more about this amazing area of Argentina.

The site has an e-commerce mechanism that allows you to buy products online.
Brasil Total

Brasil Total -

Brasil Total is a tourism site specialized in Brasil's attractions. You will find all kind of explanations about different places to visit, showed with pictures and necessary information for the traveler.

Be sure you'll have all you need when planning your trip to Brazil visiting this site first.
Philips - Agua Pura

Philips - Agua Pura -

Philips, leader company in technological products all over the world shows in this site its new water filters created for mass consume.

Aguapura filters give the possibility to drink 100% clean and healthy water.
Flanc - Capítulo Pediátrico

Flanc - Capítulo Pediátrico -

Flanc is the Latin American Federation for Neurosurgery. It started its activities in 1998, and since then has contribuited to consolidate this speciality in the continent, with special interest in childhood neurosurgery.
In the last years, the federation experimented an important growth, participating in every world congress related to the subject, and expecting to became an undoubtable institution of the medical care world.

Envirotec -

Envirotec belongs to the Envirogroup family, its porpouse is to develop specific areas such as Petrol and Gas operations, facilities and all kind of energy processes. It has its headquarters in Buenos Aires, and offices in Comodoro Rivadavia, Cipoletti and Rio Gallegos.

Envirogroup -

Envirogroup is an important enterprise dedicated to buliding processes, mainteniance services and integral installation operativeness. The most intensive areas where Envirogroup develops its services are: engineering and special services, petrol and industrial operations, energy, and instrumentation and control of communications.
Puerto Rico Art Week

Puerto Rico Art Week -

An event in which art takes the streets of San Juan de Puerto Rico by storm. The general public will be able to enjoy and relate to the creativity of artists in museums, and galleries.

Una semana única donde el arte invade las calles y donde el público podrá disfrutar y conectarse con la creatividad de los artistas en las galerías, Museos y espacios de Arte de San Juan de Puerto Rico.
Oñate Framing

Oñate Framing -

Exceptional craftsmanship and design creativity are the pillars of Oñate Framing. Museums, local and international art galleries; and private collectors rely on Oñate to preserve their collections.

Artesanías excepcionales y creatividad de diseño son los pilares de Oñate Framing. Museos, galerías de arte locales e internacionales, y coleccionistas privados confían en Oñate para conservar sus colecciones.
Martha Beatriz Chiarlo

Martha Beatriz Chiarlo -

Martha Beatriz Chiarlo was born in El Fortín, Córdoba.
She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, with specialization in Drawing and Painting. She took part in Miguel Avatáneo's workshop and was a student of Malena La Serna's.
Since 1986 she has been a teacher in middle school.
Since 1982, she has participated in numerous collective and solo, provincial and national exhibitions.
She lives in Alicia, Córdoba since 1982.

Martha Beatriz Chiarlo nació en El Fortín, Provincia de Córdoba.
Egresó como Profesora en Dibujo y Pintura en el año 1985. Participó en el Taller de Miguel Avatáneo y tomó algunas clases con Malena La Serna.
Desde 1986 se desempeña como docente en el nivel medio.
Desde 1982, participa en numerosas muestras colectivas e individuales, provinciales y nacionales.
Reside en la localidad de Alicia, Provincia de Córdoba desde 1982.
Marcelo Desposito

Marcelo Desposito -

He was born in October 30th, 1960 in Capital Federal. In the 80´s he began to get close to sculpture in a self-taught way. Lately, being attracted by Constructivism and South School, he studied sculpture and painting in Adrian Dorado´s studio. Then he attended Hugo Padeletti´s. Nowadays he works in his studio in Belgrano.

Nació el 30 de octubre de 1960 en Capital Federal. En la década del los 80 comenzó sus primeras aproximaciones a la plástica en forma autodidacta. Posteriormente, atraído por el Constructivismo y la Escuela del Sur, estudió escultura y pintura en el taller de Adrián Dorado. Concurrió posteriormente al taller de Hugo Padeletti. Actualmente trabaja en su taller de Belgrano.
Ivy Coradini

Ivy Coradini -

She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1968. Self-taught. Her work is explosive, sincere and deeply meaningful. Her personal style makes her work to be noticed among the rest. She showed her work in 2003 in the Sheraton Hotel, in Pilar.

Nace en Buenos Aires, Argentina en 1968. Autodidacta. Su obra es explosiva, sincera y de profunda significación. Su estilo propio indiscutido, hacen que su pintura se distinga entre el resto. En el 2003 hizo una exposicion en el Hotel Sheraton Pilar.
Ivonne Stoisa

Ivonne Stoisa -

Ivonne was born in Argentina in 1952. She attended artistic classes from Maria Luz Segezzo, Katty Tarcitano, Carlos Gorrioarena y Juan Grela. She has been studying drawing and painting since 1993 with the painter Rodolfo Perassi.

Ivonne nace en Argentina en 1952. Concurrió a los talleres artísticos de: María Luz Segezzo, Katty Tarcitano, Carlos Gorrioarena y Juan Grela. Desde 1993 estudia dibujo y pintura en el taller del pintor Rodolfo Perassi.

TSJ S.A. -

Our company was founded in 1997 with the aim of becoming an option among the civil construction market. We are permanently doing market researches, by which we were able to reach diferent kinds of international clients, offering original solutions and optimizing assistance and costs.

Nuestra empresa fue creada en el año 1997 con el objetivo de ser una opción dentro del mercado de la construcción civil. Realizamos una permanente y especializada tarea de estudio de mercado que nos ha permitido llegar a diferentes tipos de clientes del mercado nacional, siempre con soluciones originales y optimizando las prestaciones y costos.

Reywal Medios

Reywal Medios -

Reywal is a graphic technology company which since 1989 counts with a personalized advice, adecuate last generation technology and personal logistics service.

Reywal es una empresa de tecnología gráfica que desde 1989 cuenta con un servicio integrado de asesoramiento personalizado, tecnología adecuada de última generación y logística propia.

Proyecto Hermes

Proyecto Hermes -

The "Hermes Proyect" is an association devoted to the difussion and research on Anthroposofhy. It is a Proyect aimed at colaborating in the transformation of human conscience in this stage of its evolution. To fulfill this purpose three basic tools are used: Teaching, Assistance and Anthroposophic Research, being Anthroposophic a "path of knowldege that is able to lead the spiritual in men to the spiritual in Universe" (Rudolf Steiner)

El "Proyecto Hermes" es una Asociación dedicada a la difusión y a la investigación de la Antroposofía. Es un Proyecto destinado a colaborar en la transformación de la conciencia humana en esta etapa de su evolución. Para cumplir tal propósito se utilizan tres herramientas básicas: la Docencia, la Asistencia y la Investigación antroposófica, reconociendo a la Antroposofía como "un sendero de conocimiento capaz de conducir lo espiritual en el hombre a lo espiritual en el Universo". (Rudolf Steiner).