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Grenland Web, Norway

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Goodtech listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, has demonstrated solid organic growth in recent years and has strengthened the company through the selective acquisition of several companies in Norway and Sweden. Goodtech will now consolidate its position even further by implementing a structural and functional amalgamation.
Redpill Linpro

Redpill Linpro -

Redpill Linpro is the leading provider of Professional Open Source services and products in the Nordic region and their staff of 180 includes some of the market's leading experts in their fields.

Redpill Linpro is also an eZ partner. See
Because Redpill Linpro eas very busy with customer projects at the time they asked Grenland Web AS to implement their new website.
Unge Funksjonshemmede

Unge Funksjonshemmede -

The Norwegian association of youth with disabilities is representing a number of member organizations for youth with different types of disabilities and chronic diseases. It has about 30 member organizations, with a total of around 20 000 members.

The Norwegian association of youth with disabilities are working politically to improve the rights of youth with disabilities. They work with the right to education, rehabilitation, and to inform youth about their rights.
IKT Grenland

IKT Grenland -

The ICT cluster in Grenland Telemark, comprising 80 members has, since 2001, contributed to an annual growth in ICT employment of up to 40% and a substantially increase in export. ICT is driving renewal and efficiency in other sectors and the information/ICT sector itself has significant potential for growth. ICT Grenland’s aim is to ensure continued growth and innovation both in the ICT industry and in other industries through strong regional collaboration with R&D institutions and demanding innovative customers. ICT Grenland core members are software producers specialized in Web 2.0 technologies and Open Source Software.
Innovation Performance

Innovation Performance -

A redesigned site for Innovation Performance.

Strandlykke -

Strandlykke is a webshop focusing on interior design and clothing for the Scandinavian market primarily. As a part of this project Grenland Web rredesignes and complemented a lot of the webshop functionality in eZ Publish. Of course, online payment is built in.

Renovasjon i Grenland -

Renovasjon i Grenland handles waste management for the municipalities of Skien, Porsgrunn, Bamble and Siljan. The website offers a wealth of information regarding waste disposal and recycling.
Karrieresenter Telemark

Karrieresenter Telemark -

Karrieresenter Telemark offers career guidance.
Gaustatoppen Booking

Gaustatoppen Booking -

Gaustatoppen Booking is the place to book your holiday in the mountainous northern part of Telemark. With extensive skiing possibilities and a nice selection of apartments you can now reserve your holiday on their webpage. The site is integrated with a booking solution from -

Klosterøya is the site for the fastest growing IT business cluster in Norway, both eZ Systems and the eZ partner Grenland Web are situated here.
Vekst i Grenland

Vekst i Grenland -

"Vekst i Grenland" translated to English means "Growth in Grenland". The company addresses the regional- and business developement issues in the southern region of Telemark County in Norway. Vekst i Grenland AS (ViG) was established in 1992 as a limited company owned by the Grenland Municipalities, Telemark County Council, local organizations and local industry. was recently upgraded to eZ Publish 4 by the local eZ partner Grenland Web AS.
Gea Norvegica Geopark

Gea Norvegica Geopark -

Gea Norvegica Geopark is Scandinavias firs UNESCO approved geopark.
Skien Fritidspark

Skien Fritidspark -

The municipality of Skien invests 440 million NOK in the regions largest sports facilities. Skien fritidspark will become one of the largest sports facilities in Norway.

Sports is a major part of community life in Skien. Many sports activities competitive and recreational are organized by the residents themselves in Skien fritidspark. The hard work of volunteers in clubs and associations is invaluable to the community as a whole.
Norner Innovation

Norner Innovation -

NORNER is an independent Innovation and Technology centre with leading expertise in material and polymer industries including the whole plastics and packaging value chains.