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Clever Age, France

Clever Age is an international IT services company specialized in software design and integration. It is based in France (Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux) with customers in Europe and the USA.

The head office is in Paris.

Our founding values :

  • Independence
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Research & Development
  • Convictions

Business fields

Our consultants bring a thorough knowledge of the market’s solutions,enhanced with a strong ground experience.Those competences ensure, within the actual IT environment, theadequation of our preconisations

  • to resist the technological break out ("hype") products
  • to translate and to analyze the true technical and functional capacities of each
  • to forecast all implementation difficulties in the client environment, to define and torecommend the solution offering the highest ROI (Open sources developpement,software, specific developpement)
  • to ensure an independent project management
  • to fully assume our role, we specialized our research on Java/J2EE, PHP and Microsoft.Net architectures

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