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Atela Comunicacion Corporativa

Atela Comunicacion Corporativa

Zurbaran 14 28010 Madrid Madrid


Phone: +34913913828

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Atela Comunicacion Corporativa , Spain

Atela Comunicación Corporativa is a client focused design studio. The company and team has over 15 years experience in communication solutions and graphic design. Since 2005 the company has a division specialized in web, focused on accessible and content rich websites for small companies and corporate clients.
In the last 6 months we have created some eZ publish corporate websites: (design and coding by us, client hosted) (design and coding by us,client hosted) (design, coding and hosted by us)

We are preparing some more sites for this year, including one big job portal for the Spanish market in collaboration with ez partner Internet Bureau.

We try to be active in the forum and look forward to create extensions for the community.

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Alares Human Services

Alares Human Services -

Alares is the most important spanish company for private welfare and service organization. They offer services for private clients, public institutions and private companies.

The website needed to be adaptive, so all menus are dynamic and the client can update the complete structure, content and rss feeds of the site.

For the menu animations and frontpage image slideshow the site uses the mootools java library.
Fundación Alares

Fundación Alares -

The Alares Fund (Fundación Alares) promotes social corporate responsibility in Spain. This fund has been created by Alares Human Services.

The website needed to be adaptive, so all menus are dynamic and the client can update the complete structure, content and rss feeds of the site.

The administration interface is the same as the company website:, so content can be shared between the two sites.
Pilates Atelier

Pilates Atelier -

Pilates Atelier is a exclusive Health & Fitness Studio in Madrid. The website and center has been referenced in a lot of media like Telecinco (TV), Vogue, Elle, Telva, Citizien K.
MG Magazine

MG Magazine -

MG Magazine is a online magazine (and future community) focused on social and sustainable development news. This magazine is owned by Metropolis Global.
Metropolis Global Foundation

Metropolis Global Foundation -

Metropolis Global Foundation improves the quality of life and cooperation for social development, through programs and actions at local level.
Metropolis Global

Metropolis Global -

Metropolis Global is a startup company that optimize the management of local governments by identifying and integrating solutions, latest trends and good practices in the use of new Information and Communication Technologies, with the final objective of improving citizens’ lives and preserving the environment.

Laboralia -

Laboralia is a extensive job board based on ez publish 4 and ezfind extension. Basically, the users, employers and jobseekers can create job offers, profiles and subscribe to job offers.

The jobseeker can create a structured c.v based on different options (like studies, job experience, languages, and much more), search for job offers and subscribe to them.

The employer control panel lets users create job offers, questions attached to the job offers, search for jobseeker by attributes, check jobseekers that have subscribed to job offers and filter them by attributes.
Adara Venture Partners

Adara Venture Partners -

Adara is a venture capital firm exclusively focused on early stage investments in the information and communications technology sector, operating with total capital commitments in excess of €50 million. The primary geographic focus of Adara is on companies based or with significant presence in Spain or Portugal, but targetting global market opportunities on the back of disruptive technologies, superior individuals and ambitious business plans. Adara has a significant track record of assisting entrepreneurs in their company-building efforts, forming strong investor syndicates with other well known venture capital firms and generating returns from their investments.
Innovation Movement

Innovation Movement -

Site for the promotion of Palladium Group's Innovation Movement model and the European Innovation Movement Syposium.

The site has been developed for Palladium EMEA. The Palladium Group is the world's largest professional services firm focused exclusively on performance measurement and management.
Parangon Partners

Parangon Partners -

Parangon Partners is a Spanish firm of consultants devoted to Executive Search and Assessment and Top Management Consulting.

Even if this webpage is very simple and not extensive in content, eZ Publish was the choice because of the easy administration and multilingual capabilities.

The final decision for choosing eZ Publish was the flexibility of the framework for a future integration of the backoffice system of Parangon Partners with the website.


Cellerix -

Founded in 2004, Cellerix is a biopharmaceutical company that develops innovative treatments based on cell therapy.

Cellerix is leading the development of a new generation of treatments using expanded adult stem cells from adipose tissue (eASCs). Development is at a clinically advanced stage and the results from clinical trials Phase I and II have been very promising.

Atela Comunicación Corporatriva has develop the corporate website based on eZ Publish 4, to let Cellerix easily modify content and create specific layouts based in templates.
Curves Spain

Curves Spain -

Curves is the largest fitness franchise in the world with 10,000 locations worldwide. This website has been developed for the Spanish market.

The main areas of the website are informative pages about Curves and a complete directory to find the nearest Curves Center.

The directory includes microformats hcard tags and will be enhanced with the gis extension to show the location in yahoo maps.

There is a last area under development that will be used to build a online community.
Secuware Spain

Secuware Spain -

Secuware is a leading European developer of enterprise security software, founded in Madrid in 1998. The company’s mission from the outset has been to free corporations of their dependency on signature updates to protect their networks against malware. The company has government and commercial customers in more than a dozen countries, including Warner Bros, Wal-Mart, BBVA, the Bank of Spain, El Corte Inglés, Telefónica, Iberdrola, and the Madrid Metro. Some 800,000 licenses are in use in more than 500 organizations around the world.

The main points to choose eZ Publish were it's high level of security and flexibility.
International Congress Alares

International Congress Alares -

Multilingual (spanish, french & english) website for the International Congress Alares 2007. The main theme of the meeting is to promote "Quality of life and Business Competitiveness".

Atela Comunicacion Corporativa configured this multisite on a previous ez publish installation of the client and coded the valid xhtml/css templates.

GlobalEuroNet -

GlobalEuroNet - "Globalizing Europe Economic History Network" is a Research Programme funded by the European Science Foundation. ESF Scientific Programmes are networking activities bringing together key research groups at European level in order to share knowledge and expertise, develop new techniques and training young scientists.

The site has a blog like concept, and acts as a central point for the research groups of GlobalEuronet. The researchers also stay informed with a periodic newsletter.

Technically the site uses some ez community contributions like TagCloud and PHPlist module.