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Art Essence

Art Essence

Tuckova 17

60200 Brno

Czech Republic

Phone: +420-777-885700

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Art Essence , Czech Republic

Art Essence is young dynamic e-solutions company from the Czech Republic.

The company focuses on implemeting CMS solutions for large multimedia presentations as document archives, databases, e-shops, multimedia galleries, video streaming archives, etc.

Our company is developing highly visual CMS based on eZ Publish.

As a part of every project we also provide SEO analysis for target keywords to bring our clients at the top of the search engine positions.

Highly optimized sites receives high traffic from search engines like Google. In the long term perspective, our projects save clients budgets spent on search engine advertisement.

Quality hosting services are also part of Art Essence solutions.

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Apartment hotel and restaurant “U tri volu”

Apartment hotel and restaurant “U tri volu” -

A simple site of the apartment hotel and restaurant located in the highlands of the Czech Republic. The site is designed with respect to two main purposes: sophisticated search engine optimization and simple, yet effective design. The site has shortly proven benefits of combining proper form with functionality: it has appeared on top search engine positions at main local search engines and remains there up to the present.
Christmass decoration

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World Money Laundering Report

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Global daily news and opinion for - and by - counter-money laundering proffesionals. -

Online catalague and SEO shop with school furniture.

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Nature Cosmetics - Dr. Popov -

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Policy Association for an Open Society

Policy Association for an Open Society -

PASOS, the Policy Association for an Open Society, promotes and protects open society values, including democracy, the rule of law, good governance, respect for and protection of human rights, and economic and social development, by supporting policy centres.
Hotels and Acomodation in Brno

Hotels and Acomodation in Brno -

Search Engine Optimized project for hotel Atlantis in Brno, Czech Republic.
ACCC - Kultur Portal

ACCC - Kultur Portal -

Zielsetzung der Datenbank für kulturelle Zusammenarbeit und Austausch ist es, zweisprachige (tschechische und deutschsprachige) Informationen über KünstlerInnen, Kunstorganisationen, Festivals und weitere Kulturaktivitäten in der Region Südböhmen - Oberösterreich systematisch zu sammeln und zu veröffentlichen und somit das Knüpfen von Kontakten zwischen den und mit den KünstlerInnen aus beiden Ländern zu vereinfachen.