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ambsoftware sp. z o. o.

ambsoftware sp. z o. o.

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Phone: +48 68 453 70 40

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ambsoftware sp. z o. o., Poland

AMB software, specialist producers of online technologies.
Focussing on internet and intranet applications powered by script languagees and Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) defines the standard for developing component-based multitier enterprise applications that are portable (platform-independent), scalable, and that integrate easily with legacy applications and data.

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This webpage collects and presents architectural projects from all over the world.
There are some pavilion businesses being presented along with sports hall, schools, universities, private houses, churches, theaters, offices, airports, etc.
This service gives opportunity to create users’ profiles and publish their projects and articles connected with webpage ideas.
Some dedicated modules have been added, such as survey or projects rating. -

This portal has been created with a view to law students, and also those who are going to study in that field. Here one can get familiar with next stages of studies, difficulties one can face and struggle with at every University. This portal also offers possibility of downloading opinions of the court of higher instance in various cases and regulations of different fields of the law. This service includes the lexicon of terms linked with the law and some valuable leads, how to prepare to the university exams. The author doesn’t forget about interesting and funny quotes on lawyers and attorneys. There is a users forum and chat being planned. -

This service is a branch-information one. Its main idea is to strongly support every customer in difficult situation. The user of the webpage can use the customer self-help book, download the applications and forms necessary to regulate all the formalities and also to send a query from the webpage in case of any doubts. -

The service is a commercial webpage of the company which deals with selling goods for creating modern bathrooms and the accessories connected with bath architecture. These are the products of well-known companies from Italy, Spain and Germany. The customer, based on his wish, has the possibility to edit the webpage completely which allows him to create a brand new image of the website. -

At the request of a long-time partner an innovative graphic look has been designed and initiated. The reconstruction of the service allowed to improve the webpage navigation. The edit panel has been given a new functionality leading to much better application.
Go Travel

Go Travel - – an extensive website presenting the offer of Go Travel travel agent’s from Zielona Góra. It is characterized by simple yet representative graphics and functionality in browsing for a detailed trip offer, thanks to which every future traveler will be able to find exactly what they are looking for. - – a website presenting products of Madren. The company’s offer includes 20 kinds of ice-cream cones: sugar-free, semi-sweet, and high-sweet.
Hospicjum im. Lady Ryder of Warsaw w Zielonej Górze

Hospicjum im. Lady Ryder of Warsaw w Zielonej Górze - – a website presenting the activity of Zielona Góra hospice. Amb softwawre, ltd., as the contractor, is a sponsor of the website. The website has a friendly colour scheme; we can find here news on the activity of the hospice, information on its patronage, and on the possibility of volunteering there. The website is distinguished be its social value. - – The website presents a company which is a distributor of air-conditioning units. The graphics used for building the website is full of cool and distinctive colours, which perfectly expresses the nature of this line of business. The activity of the company and its products have been presented in detail on the subpages. There is also a possibility of downloading all necessary files in the PDF format. - – a website widely presenting the offer of Bp fly travel agent’s. The webpage contains information in both Polish and German. Searching for the offer is facilitated by the use of a functional form allowing for finding or excluding certain aspects of the trip. - – thanks to subtle yet distinctive graphics, the website renders the atmosphere of the modeling agency – saturated with charm and modernity. The activity of the agency focuses on modeling, advertising and promotion. References to subpages are situated on the main page in one place, which significantly facilitates using the website. - – a beautiful website in an up-to-date colour scheme, presenting information on the services provided by a surgery of aesthetic medicine that has operated since 2000. The surgery provides services in Zielona Góra and in Żary. The website is lucid and user-friendly. It presents reliable information about treatments offered by MED–DERM. - – an extensive Web portal presenting the offer of Max Holiday travel agent’s with its registered office in Sulechów. The characteristic feature of this portal is its simple yet representative graphics and functionality in browsing for a detailed trip offer, thanks to which every future traveler will be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

B2Gether -

The website of B2Gether which offers full consulting service.

Webcard -

A website presenting other products of amb software Co. Ltd. – Webcard. Webcard is the showpiece of our company on the Internet. This website serves basic informative and image creating function. It is based on the editable and user-friendly CMS system.
Polish Journalists Association – branch Zielona Góra

Polish Journalists Association – branch Zielona Góra -

A website of Polish Journalists Association – Zielona Góra branch. Up to now, journalists from this region have not had their own discussion forum where they could share significant information, present their opinions on their extraordinary yet demanding job, or take part in a discussion on current and often controversial issues or events. This website is bound to fill this gap.
Metal Constructions Production - PKM

Metal Constructions Production - PKM -

A website of PKM Wioletta Poniatowska Metal Constructions Production. The undisputed market leader in black steel, aluminum and stainless steel work.
K.Schroeder Polska Sp. z.o.o.

K.Schroeder Polska Sp. z.o.o. -

The website of K.Schroeder Polska Sp.z.o.o., an enterprise that is concerned mainly with marketing a wide range of sawmill byproducts for the timber materials industry, cellulose pulp and pellet and heat and power stations for biofuels.
Online shop

Online shop -

An online shop of P.H. „GERA”. The company specializes in selling clothing trade products.
Public Kindergarten

Public Kindergarten -

The website of Public Kindergarten Nr 4 in Legnica, the website allows the pedagogical staff to have contact with their charges’ parents. Moreover, the website is connected to another Internet application – the Virtual Staffroom.
Basic Art

Basic Art -

The website of Basic art which offers full consulting service including preparation of application forms for the European Union aid programs, their service and settlement.
Intermedica Sp. z o.o.

Intermedica Sp. z o.o. -

The website of Intermedica – an Ophthalmological Clinic. There you can find exhaustive medical information about the surgeries performed in the clinic, as well as plenty of current information on the clinic’s centers.


The website of a company which deals with internal logistics and specialized personnel teams.


Virtual Staffroom is an application directed at all teachers. It is used for exchanging information, experience and documents. Virtual Staffroom is a specifically prepared web application which enables users to have direct access to selected data with the use of a web browser. Certain files may be remotely made available on a computer, or on any other piece of equipment with Internet access and a web browser. Given files may be made available remotely on a computer or on ny other piece of equipment that has the Internet access and a web browser.
Using active options of the Virtual Staffroom is possible after login on as a user.
Each teacher receives his/her own login and password.
After login, each user can send posts on a forum, or include documents (files) that are necessary for conducting classes.

Amrita -

An online shop with jewellery of their own design.


A website dedicated to amb software, Ltd. application.
SETIS - Transport and Freight Forwarding Records System is a modern IT solution that facilitates records, control, settlements, and analysis of services provided by a company. Building an application enables users to work in a dispersed Web environment of an enterprise. What is more, the technologies that are used do not require installing additional software.


A website dedicated to an amb software, Ltd. application. The SOPRA system we created is used to carry out a planned, formalized and periodic process of self-evaluation and employee evaluation by his/her superior and subordinates. The subject of evaluation may be qualifications, traits of character, work effects, or employees and teams behaviour.
Targi Memento

Targi Memento -

On 21-22 November 2008 (Friday – Saturday), in the capital of Poland – Warsaw, MEMENTO Funeral Fair take place. The entire website is dedicated to this event. amb software, Ltd. is the official partner of the association and the producer of cemetery administration software. The aim of the system is administering cemeteries in relation to the list of the deceased, the funeral services, the burial grounds, and the administrators.
Interwork Kulczyk Sp. z o.o.

Interwork Kulczyk Sp. z o.o. -

The website of Interwork Kulczyk, Ltd., employment agency. The website is connected to a database which stores all applications that employers and employees have registered on the Internet.
Palmiarnia w Zielonej Górze

Palmiarnia w Zielonej Górze -

Zielona Góra Palm House is a place which is unique on a European scale. Under the glass roof, there are over 200 species of plants, including over 120 tropical plants. The Palm House does not only bring the exotic charm of the tropics, but it also constitutes a very significant part of the town’s history and tradition.


The website of a Polish and German company which arranges and completes construction of buildings – mainly detached houses, shopping malls, offices and shops.
Basic Art

Basic Art -

The website of Basic art which offers full consulting service including preparation of application forms for the European Union aid programs, their service and settlement.
Europejska Akademia Jezykowa FLORENTINUM

Europejska Akademia Jezykowa FLORENTINUM -

Web site of 'Europejska Akademia Jezykowa', Florentinum academy organizes
educational and youth trips, with hope that Poles will cross
subsequent 'barriers', while learning foreign languages, wherever they want.
The academy offers trips with active rest for grown ups, children and youth.


Web site promoting 'Wielki Koncert Charytatywny Zareagguj', which took place
on 26th of April at 'Amfiteatr Zielonogorski'. The originator and producers
are: 'Tupot Bialych Mew', 'Promyk', 'Zielonogorski Osrodek Kultury'. The
income was dedicated to rehabilitation center 'Promyk' in Zielona Gora. Our
company did all the web site related work.
Intermedica Telemedicine

Intermedica Telemedicine -

Intermedica Telemedicine is a provider of teleradiology reporting services in Europe.
We have developed a more efficient way of centralising and sharing specialist competence by offering cost-effective sub-specialist diagnostic services to hospitals which have difficulties in rendering specialist services by themselves.
The company set up a Non-Public Health Care Unit INTERMEDICA, now comprising three modern and very well-equipped Eye Clinics: in Poznan, Cracow and Szczecin.
amb software sp. z o.o.

amb software sp. z o.o. -

amb software draws on the experiences of industry professionals who can deliver the products on-time, on budget and on demand. our team consists of highly skilled ez cerfified developers, that supply support for open source solutions since 2000.
Centrum Estetyki Ciała

Centrum Estetyki Ciała -

Slimming Centre & Beauty Parlour "Efekt". Company that base their entire product range on the Academie cosmetics. It is a simple website that provides news, products overview and order form.
Afrodyta- SPA Hotel

Afrodyta- SPA Hotel -

Web site of Spa Hotel combined with online shop.