Community Project / Contributor Licensing Agreement - CLA

Contributor Licensing Agreement - CLA

Previously, eZ Systems required that contributors transfer the copyright of their code to eZ Systems. This was because eZ Systems needs to have the right to release contributed code under several different licenses. This transfer of copyright did however remove the original author's control over his or her own code. Therefore, we are no longer asking contributors to transfer their copyright to us.

Instead, we require that contributors sign a CLA (Contributor Licencing Agreement) and send it to eZ Systems. In short, this CLA gives eZ Systems a non-exclusive right to use contributed code in eZ publish or any other product owned or managed by eZ Systems.

For more information about what rights the CLA gives eZ Systems, please read the CLA.


Who doesn't need to sign the CLA

If you provide us with small patches or bugfixes via our bugsystem, in most cases we do not need you to sign a CLA. Generally, authors cannot claim copyright for small fixes.

Also, if you have written a contribution and want to make it available on the eZ Extensions forge (, you do not need to sign the CLA. You are free to just upload your contribution to the site.


Who needs to sign the CLA

You will need to sign the CLA if you are the copyright holder of any code which you want eZ Systems to include in eZ Publish Community Project. Such code includes (but is not limited to):

  • complete/incomplete extensions for eZ Publish
  • patches
  • templates
  • PHP files
  • configuration files
  • documentation files
  • translations

When and how do you sign your CLA and submit your contribution?

The CLA will be signed once for all your future contributions and not only for one single specific contribution, this means you don't need to sign a new CLA each time you contribute. You will only need to do so in the case where you would represent a new legal entity.

Your contributions will have to be submitted and received by eZ as defined in the CLA (ยง3, Definitions). We prefer an explicit email to community [at] or to the eZ Systems representative which you are in contact with. This message should clearly define the scope of your contribution and provide access to your work.


How do you submit the CLA to eZ Systems?

CLA may be submitted by regular mail, by emailing a scan of the signed copy or by fax

  • Mail to:
    eZ Systems AS
    Klostergata 30
    3732 Skien
  • Email to: contribution [at]
  • Fax to: +47 35 58 70 21

If you choose to send your CLA by fax, please be sure the document was sent correctly.

As always, we value your contributions and thank you for your cooperation.