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eZ Future Podcast 16 - Busy man show

Friday 27 May 2011 1:08:31 am

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By : Tony Wood

Welcome to eZ Future, the podcast that will keep you updated on the eZ Publish eco system.
From the latest releases reviewed right through to extensions and comments from the community.

In the show:

  • eZ Publish Community Version 2011.5 
  • eZ Training day March 2011 - London
  • Internet World - London eZ Publish in full effect
  • eZ Conference 
  • Community - latest contributions, interesting articles
  • Upcoming events - eZ Conference

Listen to it here:        

Hosts: Tony Wood, Manpreet Dhesi from 
Special guests Nicholas Pastorino, Bertrand Maugain

Feedback from previous show

From Tony - 
“Thanks to everyone who mentioned the low sound level on this show. We have found the problem. No excuses - It was me... Sorry!
We will ensure the levels are higher next time. I promise or I will have to write out "Check the sound levels" a thousand times.” 
From Nicolas Pastorino
I liked this one a lot too, keep-up !
We start discerning clear characters since you guys resumed eZ Future, specially since Ole Morten is joining regularly, you should keep it like this, a sort of theatersports kinda thing 
A few replies :

  • The first Community Project build should arrive soon, it is intensively being worked on at the moment,
  • The new feature regarding User Registration is that it now is an operation, in the eZ Publish sense of it : one can plug-in workflow events before and/or after user registration, opening for non-hackish implementation of business logic. Long-awaited feature, extremely useful !
  • eZ Market : lots of extensions coming-up, while only CJW Newsletter & Varnish at the time of writing. This eZ Market is indeed a fantastic opportunity for Partners (both Business and Community) to commercialize their work, their preferred extension, and make money out of it. A very nice business model.
  • About sun in London : i must confess last time i swinged by it WAS actually sunny. All Londonians were extensively bragging about this, which set me thinking...
  • BUT, the eZ Conference will be flooded with sun, this is part of the plan.

@everyone : you should really listen to this podcast. I learned that i was wanted, hugged and alive. And there is a ransom.
Cheers ! 

Community Version of eZ Publish 4.5 available
The second build of eZ Publish Community Project is available now. The naming scheme was adjusted from 4.2011 to 2011.5, and will be continued on this base : All you need to know : 

  • eZ Find now includes Solr 3.1
  • eZ JSCore : the javascript libraries were updated :
  • YUI : from 3.3.0 and 2.8.1 to 3.3.0 and 2.9.0
  • JQuery : from 1.4.3 to 1.5.2
  • JSMin : from 1.1.1 to 1.1.1+
eZ Training Day - London
  • We had a great turn out for the eZ demo and training day last month at the RE hotel Shoreditch.
  • Interview with Nico (him from the community) (5 mins)
  • Demo by Bertrand from eZ on the benefits and features of v4.5
  • Training be Nicolas from eZ Community as an introduction and helping troubleshot common issues faced whilst developing with eZ Publish.
  • Pencilling in another one when v4.6 comes out during Autumn.
  • Interview with Bertrand Maugain (Global Partner Manager) (4 mins)
Internet World
eZ Conference and details
  • June 16th & 17th at the Cumberland Hotel w/ awards at Milbank Tower on the evening of the 16th.
  • Agenda is out - speakers include, Paul Borgermans (taking eZ find beyond search), Bjorn Dieding (eZ Publish cluster on the Amazon cloud), Pete Dodds (FT - Paid content at FT), Rasmus Lerdorf (creator of PHP, PHP in 2011), Nicolas Pastorino (eZ Community : Innovation & open source inside), Simon Wan (The web strategy of the Wall Street Journal in Asia) to name a few.
  • On Twitter today (Thursday) between 11am & 12pm CET (10-11am GMT), there will be a huge discount available for tickets, you have to Tag the tweet #ezconf
  • First sale happened this morning where you could get 40% off. (
  • Next sale scheduled very soon!
  • Vision with Technology : We’re holding a meet the speakers drink on Wednesday 15th June evening at Carbon (next to the Cumberland), free bar, until our allocation runs out - get there early, from 6:30pm onwards.
eZ Publish community greats (update on the last month)
Upcoming events
  • eZ Conference 16th & 17th June + Meet the speakers drink 15th June

Thanks to: eZ Systems the makers of eZ Publish ( and Vision with Technology (