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Newbies: eZ publish jump start guide

Thursday 30 September 2010 4:54:44 pm

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By : Thiago Campos Viana

I received an email from Carlos Revillo about the lack of a newbie tutorial about eZ publish. It's not really true, there are many tutorials for newbies, the problem is that it's difficult to find them when we are a newbie ez publish user. Here I will show some of these tutorials.

The first link a newbie should visit is the Demos & Videos section in site. There you can see some videos showing the main features and daily tasks with ez publish.

A good pdf to read before deciding to really use eZ publish in a real project is the eZ publish Whitepaper. It has some deeper information about eZ publish.

Now, if you decide to go on and use eZ publish, the first thing to do is download the eZ publish community edition, then you have to install, I made an eZ publish installation video tutorial and posted in youtube.

After installing eZ publish, you should see the Demos & Videos section again and try to follow all the daily tasks tutorial. In special you should see these videos:

eZ Publish Administration Interface Video Tutorial

eZ Publish Online Editor Video Tutorial

eZ Publish Basic Editing Video Tutorial

eZ Publish Image Editor Video Tutorial

eZ Publish Multimedia Gallery Video Tutorial

eZ Flow Video Tutorial

When you finish these video tutorials, you should start to think in some question about eZ publish, but don't worry, there's some tutorials that should help you, the first tutorial you should read is the "An introduction to eZ publish concepts", so you'll learn the fundamentals of eZ publish.

The following tutorials isn't up to date with the new eZ publish layout, but could help a newbie, just try to focus in the content:

Also there's more two free ebooks:

Advanced Content Management with eZ publish - recomnmended

eZ publish basics - outdated.

Ok, it is not enough to become a Flying Ninja in eZ publish, but I think it's ok to make your first site.

Then, if you still hungry for eZ publish information, there's the docs, some books, the forums, the IRC, and the projects ( yes, you can learn a lot studying existing extensions ).

I think some more updated newbie tutorials are coming, so stay tunned, always visit the articles and the tutorials section.