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Lots of things are happening in eZ publish Ecosystem

Wednesday 29 September 2010 8:12:06 am

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By : Thiago Campos Viana

I was away from eZ publish community for a while ( lots of work to do ) and BUM! eZ publish isn't the same! Let's check what happened here.

The first thing I could see is that now it's possible to every community member create a blog, you can do that by just creating an account, logs in, go to your profile page in and click in the create a new blog button.

The second and greater thing I saw was the redesign of the eZ publish main site. Now it looks more friendly. A nice video and demos section was added, now people can see some video tutorials without the pain it was to search for that type of content in the old site, because these content is displayed in straithforward way to find now.

The third thing was a big surprise, eZ publish 4.4 was release in September, ok, it was planned to be released in September, but I was expecting see this release just in October. Now the project is officially splitted in two versions, eZ publish community and eZ publish Enterprise. Which makes possible to all users contribute to the kernel in an easier way.

Fourth, eZ Xtend, I really didn't get what it really is, but I think now it will be easier to publish certified extensions, although don't know anything about the new price.

A great project was added in eZ publish Projects site, Janrain Auth, it allows user authentication from social network. Some people like me was waiting for something like that, because some users don't like to create a new account every site they visit, so it allow to use some account they already have.

I don't know what to say, I can think just in "Congratulations eZ Team, you rock!!!!".