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Is eZ Market a failure?

Saturday 16 April 2011 9:55:42 am

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By : Thiago Campos Viana

Ok, it has been some time since the launch of eZ Market, it isn't what I was thinking it would be and it isn't going anywhere the way it is in the moment, let's talk about it.

Let me be clear, I really think a market of two extension is a joke, not because the extensions are not good, but two extensions? Are you kidding me?

Why not take the android market as a sample? Developers pay US$ 25 as a registration fee and a 30% fee for every transaction, and the most important think, everybody can join. eZ Market is open just for eZ partners.

But I really think there are more things to do than just change the market, it needs to be integrated in every eZ publish community installation. So, there would be a tab in the admin interface called "eZ Market" or "eZ App Store", then users could navigate there, search for extension, buy it and then the extension would be automatically installed, of course, every extension would have some requirements, so would be nice to made a pre-test before the user buy some extension.

I'm really disappointed with eZ market, I could made this post before, but I give some time just to see if I was wrong about eZ market, but the time passed and I think I'm right and there's not so much to expect from eZ market the way it is right now, some kind of odesk/elance/guru features here would also be really welcome as long there are developers needing extra small jobs and there are people needing some small services.

Edited: I know that a good part of eZ publish success relies on partners, but I really think it could be changed, so partners could worry about big public sector projects, or some private sector projects ( like bank sites ), and eZ systems could let indie developers worry about small projects support by creating a wealth place to let them do the job, if community goes well, US$25 join fee + 30% of all transactions would cover development costs.

Edited 2: I know a company that made it and I could see a real improvement of the quality of the extensions from the community side, the company is Unity3d and they created their Asset Store. It started small with poor projects, but didn't take much time to appears some real good extensions and they did a report few days ago that some developers are making 1k bucks / day. It is good because some extensions would take so much time to develop and I think it wouldn't be so good without the financial motivation, we would never see some of them without the Asset Store, or we would never see some of them so polished anyway.

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Is eZ Market a failure?