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Idea: eZ jam - 48h prototype challenge for eZ publish

Wednesday 15 June 2011 5:59:02 am

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By : Thiago Campos Viana

In this post I will take about the idea for a kind of "Global Game Jam" for eZ publish developers.

These days I was thinking about why eZ publish, or any other CMS, developers don't do 48 hours competitions. It is really common for game developers and there are tons of 48h/week(end) game competitions.

It is a really nice way to promote innovation by giving a theme and triggering developers to develop something related to the given theme. In game the theme would be 'cave' or 'stars', in the ez publish field I think we could choose between some new APIs and build an ez publish extension to a selected API.

At the Ludum Dare competition all participants needs to vote one day before the event in a poll. There are 3 iterations, each one remains the the most voted themes of the last iterations.

Porting it to eZ publish field the themes could be a list of new jquery plugins, google APIs, social APIs, etc.

I don't know if it could be prizes for the best extensions, in fact there's no prizes in Ludum Dare competition and it is a big success, but in Global Game Jam there is, and it is bigger success.

What you guys think about it? Have you ever participated in such type of competition? Do you know if there's this kind of competition in the Drupal / Wordpress / Joomla community?