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Survey results : the future of

Monday 15 November 2010 1:46:57 pm

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

Following-up on this survey about : here are the results, conclusions and actions.

Read all the way down, we are asking you a few things :)


SVN Mirror of eZ Publish's repository

Do you have a heavy dependency on the SVN mirror ?

  • [28%] Yes
  • [72%] No

Now that we are using Github, would you consider switching to github for serving the needs you fulfilled with the former SVN mirror?

( Reached by 28% of the people, those replying "Yes" to the first question )

  • [16%] Yes
  • [11%] No

The available SVN repository :

Have you heard of and/or used ?

  • [52%] Yes
  • [48%] No

Can you replace by one or several projects on ?

  • [36%] Yes
  • [15%] No
  • [49%] Other

Is there any content there which you would like to see in another place ?

( Reached by 26 people only, seems to be the ones having replied "Yes" to the first question of this section )

  • [43%] No
  • [10%] Yes

If you replied "Yes" at the previous question, please go verbose and tell us what

  • "at least, links to API documentation should be available on by the way, pubsvn is not good name anymore..."
  • "Doxygen needs to be maintained against previous builds and trunk."
  • "API Docs on or"
  • "It's a really good interface for interacting with the eZ Publish code base and so the notes about each function. Having said that to navigate between classes I often use google to search specifically within the svn domain to find things quickly."
  • "I'm not sure how much we use community. But the "hacks" section definitely needs a better home. And anything really useful should be proper extensions."

Additional input

You may have additional input ?

  • "Hi all!Just to transfer all svn stuff to git ASAP!"
  • "how will we know, in a year, if moving to git was a net benfit to the ecosystem?"
  • "Github for all !"
  • "I mainly use to get my hands on patch mentionned in the bugtracker.
  • As I don't know squat about github yet, I found it difficult to extract the same info from than I can extract with a svn browse.
  • As long as you don't sever the ability to get patches from official bug corrections mentionned on the bug tracker, I wouldn't mind a few headaches trying to understand how to do it."
  • "Make the doxygen documentation available after the migration."
  • "Thanks for soliciting feedback."


11% of the community are NOT ready to use github as a full replacement for the SVN mirror.
API docs need to be maintained, this is the main asset according to community members.
About the Subversion repository made available to the community for collaboration (not talking about eZ Publish's trunk mirror) :
It was made read-only 2 years ago (see changelog entry starting with "2008.03.31" at the bottom of this page :, meaning we do not have to worry about this content of : most of it was migrated to The only remaining element is

The will to start using github is big. A tutorial giving all details on how to use the eZ Publish github repository will be published soon, accompanying this change.


We need you has been running for a few weeks now on's machine, reproducing the features we used to have on, at the exception of the SVN repositories (mirror of eZ Publish's trunk and ). The API doc is generated based on a local git clone, working fine : . On top of this Doxygen version, PHPDoc is generated :

The first action would be to make a statement on what needs to be preserved in . What do you think ? What would you like to keep from these hacks ?
Depending on the result, we'll move this content to, or part of it.

The second will be to make the DNS switch for the name, once the migration of the above is considered complete.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback on the first point right above !