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2011 May 9th - Meeting minutes

Thursday 12 May 2011 11:39:03 am

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By : Robin Muilwijk

The participation model is finished, and the upgrade for is scheduled. Read more in our bi-weekly meeting minutes of the Share Team.

Date : 2011, May 9th.
Participants : Robin, Nicolas, Alex
Where : Skype
Previous meeting minutes 2011-04-28.




Prior action points : status + evolution

1/ Participation model around the Community Project

It is published : Some pages will be reworked slightly to remove duplicate content now published in the new participation model.


Brainstorming related to the top-menu and the home-page :
Rename “Download & Develop” into “Download”
Make the actual landing page under /download
Move the “Download” entry all the way to the right.
Removing the top-menu entry for Community Program ? Renaming it ?
Increase the size of the “New partners” block on the home-page + add an invitation to join in it + move it under the “Learn” block ?
Create a rotating top-right block showing “static” information (information that does not change : Cty program, get involved section) + administrable information (RFC, event ).
“Team” could move under “Directory”, be renamed to “Teams”, and include the Community Project Board.
Home-page/main story block : remove the clickable numbers to circle through the content, make it look like a stack : the main content is displayed with title and introduction, and the 4 other stories are only visible by their title, under the first one. Clicking on their title unfolds them.
Home-page : the “Projects” block is too big.


2/ upgrade

eZ’s internal IT unlocked the last blocking bits.
Candidate date : May 17th, full day.


Actions :

  • [Robin] Update Graham’s post and publish it on our blog.

3/ Other points

Event planner

No feedback so far from both the and Community Project Board teams.
We move on on this. The next steps are :

  • Synchronisation with Gilles : does he have resources on his side ?
  • Opening for participation to the community : someone might be willing to develop along

Prioritized next steps

  1. Participation Model
  2. Upgrading to 4.4
  3. Event planner
  4. Job Board
  5. Clean-up/revamp of

Next time

Thu, May 26th, 20:00 GMT+1


Side note :

eZ Conference 2011, full program unveiled :
eZ Community at the Dutch PHP Conference 2011 :
eZ Community at PHP Days 2011, Italy :

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2011 May 9th - Meeting minutes