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2011 March 14th - Meeting minutes

Wednesday 16 March 2011 12:15:13 pm

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By : Robin Muilwijk

Hi all, here are our bi-weekly meeting minutes again from the Share Team. We are about to upgrade, and move to a new topic: a Job Board. Read more below... enjoy!

Date : 2011, March 14th.
Participants : Robin, Nicolas, Carlos, Graham, Philippe, Paul
Where : Skype




Prior action points : status + evolution

1/ Participation model around the Community Project

Nicolas is summarizing the feedback on the document. It should be short and to the point. Participation from developers on the trunk will be through pull requests, not direct commit access on the trunk in the first round. This does not hamper participation at all, github making it extremely easy to participate without direct commit access.
We need to think about the CLA in terms of participation through GIT and pull requests. Either scope this, or refer to the CLA in a pull request.


2/ upgrade

Status: Carlos has committed backwards compatibility changes to the extensions, removed deprecated code. This was done on svn, branches/ez44. There are no show stoppers left. Point of attention, to be added to the migration document; reindex for solr.


Additional comments from Nicolas; once the upgrade has been done, we can also move on with requests and issues posted on the tracker about the platform.


3/ Other points

Status: discussion about a job board started on our mailing list, to be continued.
Briefly discussed a forum topic that requires an answer (Topic, Roadmap, from Tony Wood) and another forum topic about front end editing and editing on attribute level.


Prioritized next steps

  1. Participation Model
  2. Upgrading to 4.4
  3. Job Board
  4. Clean-up/revamp of

Action list

  1. Carlos and Graham notification about readiness of upgrade
  2. Running the upgrade on the live platform ? (Nicolas)
  3. Creating the “Community Project Board” user to have a profile page, and contact form. (Nicolas)

Next time

March 28th, 21:00 GM+1 (Paris time)


Side note :

If you have not checked out the request for comments, "eZ Publish Community Project - Release Policy", make sure you do so in the next week. It will be open until March 24th. Want to help improve the community? Read "Hello World Part II - Revenge of the Killer Community!".

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2011 March 14th - Meeting minutes