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2011 April 28th - Meeting minutes

Saturday 30 April 2011 11:42:26 pm

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By : Robin Muilwijk

Our team is ready to upgrade to eZ Publish 4.4, and working on a extension to show events from the Project Board on the share portal. Read the full details below in our bi-weekly meeting minutes.

Date : 2011, April 28th.
Participants : Carlos, Alex, Graham.
Where : Skype


Previous meeting minutes 2011-04-11.



Prior action points : status + evolution

1/ Participation model around the Community Project

Actions :

  • Integrate Tony’s comments and publish the new content [Graham, helped by Nicolas]
  • Make sure the table of content is appearing in the right column [Carlos]
  • Make it a top-menu entry before “Forums”, no homepage block [Nicolas]
  • Design the tab-view for the few sub-entries requiring it, [Nicolas]

2/ upgrade

Run locally by Nicolas, ezupgrade worked properly, but a bunch of fixes were required to reach the same level of functionality as on the current version. These fixes were all committed to the 4.4.0 branch. After almost 1 day of local functional testing, the 4.4-based version seems to work fine (GUI tests, forum features, content creation and update, cronjobs, ajax).


The maintenance page was prepared, the maintenance virtual host too.


Graham has prepared a blog post to announce the downtime. We are depending on eZ’s internal IT, who needs to alter the MySQL configuration so that the user can be used with ezupgrade. As soon as this is done, we can decide on the upgrade date, update the blog post with the dates, publish it, and proceed with the production upgrade.


Graham asked about 4.5/4.2011 support in ezupgrade :
It appears to be scheduled soon, paving the way to upgrading further on.


3/ Other points

Event planner

Here is a small functional spec + wireframes of the Event planning system on, hoping to clarify the way this is supposed to work : team link to Google Doc.


Gilles, member of the Community Project Board, said he could lend a hand for the implementation, if we need to. He had also asked me to put together these specs so that both the and the Community Project Board can agree on it before launching the implementation phase. Please share your feedback on this ! (comments in the Doc for instance).


Carlos raises the question of privacy (right to crawl the data placed on does not seems to restrict access by crawling.


Robin is leading this project, he will decide what the next steps are and further engage the team.


Prioritized next steps

  1. Participation Model
  2. Upgrading to 4.4
  3. Event planner
  4. Job Board
  5. Clean-up/revamp of

Action list

(cf names in the notes above)


Next time

Monday May 9th, 20:00 GMT+1


Side note :

eZ Conference 2011 :
eZ Community at the Dutch PHP Conference 2011 :

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2011 April 28th - Meeting minutes