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2011 April 11th - Meeting minutes

Tuesday 12 April 2011 1:07:03 pm

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By : Robin Muilwijk

Here are our bi-weekly meeting minutes, from the eZ Share Team. The RFC more participation through a reworked Get Involved was posted previously and will be closing soon, so make sure to provide your feedback.

Date : 2011, April 11th.
Participants : Robin, Nicolas, Thiago, Carlos, Graham
Where : Skype


Previous meeting minutes 2011-03-28.




Prior action points : status + evolution

1/ Participation model around the Community Project

Published on March 31st :


Decision :

  • Once the 2 weeks have elapsed, we publish it directly. Tony’s comment should trigger a few modifications,
  • Keep the “Get Involved” in a ⅔ / ⅓ layout, with the right column only showing a table of content,
  • Make it a new top-menu entry
  • General comment : review the headers styles.

Actions :

  • Publish the new content [Graham, helped by Nicolas]
  • Make sure the table of content is appearing in the right column [Carlos]
  • Make it a top-menu entry before “Forums”, no homepage block [Nicolas]
  • Design the tab-view for the few sub-entries requiring it, [Nicolas]

2/ upgrade

Update : Nicolas could not run this locally yet. To do.


3/ Other points

Event planner :
Robin will prime this project on the mailing-list in the coming two weeks.


Prioritized next steps

  1. Participation Model
  2. Upgrading to 4.4
  3. Job Board
  4. Clean-up/revamp of

Action list

(cf names in the notes above)


Next time

April 28th, 20:00 GMT+1 (Paris time)


Side note :

Keep up to date on what is going on in our community by following news through our Blogs, on Twitter or LinkedIn. More channels can be found here.

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2011 April 11th - Meeting minutes