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Social flavored eZ Publish

Friday 03 June 2011 9:01:55 am

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By : Ivo Lukac

On the upcoming conference I will present several extensions developed by Netgen to give eZ Publish more integration capabilities with social networks like Twitter and Facebook and also be more user friendly to end users. This would be kind of a quick summary of our efforts to have social flavored eZ (ngpush, ngcomments, ngopengraph, ngconnect, etc).

Details about the flash talk agenda can be found here:

I would also like to mention all other extensions and tools the community built for the same purpose. After the conference my intention is to make a research on this topic and write a blog post about it. I know I can find most of them on projects site, but would like to see which one are recommended, active and used recently.

So, please, give me some input: what social and end user usability extension do you use and recommend?

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Social flavored eZ Publish