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Welcome to the new eZ Community portal.

Monday 02 November 2009 2:49:47 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

Here you are, on 'alpha', the new portal 100% dedicated to the eZ Community.

The process was started some time before the conference this year, materialized by this forum thread : We received many replies on the topic, signs of a tremendous energy in here, and a great openness. We thought having a base for this community site, running a modern version of eZ Publish (4.2), would be the best way to start. Here it is today, for you, and you ! An idea is to gather a commitee of volunteers who will be actors in the development of this new portal. What you are seeing here and now is only the beginning! If you would like to actively participate in the evolution of this platform, contact community [at] ez [dot] no.

This place will become the main gate to the eZ Community.

On top of moving the former section to a dedicated platform, it is meant to give the possibility to any person interested in eZ software, knowledge or contacts an entry point to these resources. It takes the form of forums, blogs which will be populated along the way by both eZ Systems and Community Members, articles and tutorials revolving around eZ Publish mostly. Resources are also links to extremely valuable tools and key sites in the eZ Ecosystem such as, and its local variants, and many more. is here as an expression means, and a rebound to other resources. It concretely expresses our long-term dedication to Open Source, our values, our roots.

You will have to bear with the 'alpha' state of this platform for a while, it shall constantly evolve for you, with you. It requires care, fix and tweaks for the existing features, brand new ideas and functionalities as well. This cannot happen without your help and feedback. We've created a forum specifically for this, right here : Feedback and ideas for this portal and an issue tracker.

Here is a small how-to, just in case: How to use this site ?

We hope you will enjoy it,
let's start sharing more,
eZ Community Manager