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The base of the Community Project: eZ Publish Fuji (4.4), released today. Let’s launch the rocket !

Monday 27 September 2010 2:27:11 pm

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

In parallel of the eZ Publish Enterprise Edition 4.4 (Fuji), here comes the first release of eZ Publish Community Project. Read on to learn more.


Welcome eZ Publish Community Project.

In parallel of the eZ Publish Enterprise Edition 4.4 (Fuji), here comes the first release of eZ Publish Community Project. It will serve as a base for outstanding innovation on our beloved Content Management Platform, output of the Fuji cycle. This is the place where Community members will be able to contribute to eZ Publish’s kernel, along with the eZ Engineering team.
While participation needs to be organized (read more on this here), anybody unlocking the necessary badges and reaching a large enough Community karma will be offered the possibility to become one of the core committers to eZ Publish. Stay tuned on to be updated on the rapid evolution of both the Governance and Participation model.
But let’s dive into the guts of this release first !


Engage more with end users and editors, make it faster, easier, and more fun!

With version 4.4, eZ Publish provides you with a range of new features that will help you succeed in a day-to-day usage of eZ Publish, whether you are a simple end-user reading content on a website, occasional contributor, editor or administrator.
The brand new built-in Online Image Editor will provide a simple and easy way for editors to perform the most common tasks of photo management in eZ Publish. New with this version, the native support for HTML5 video makes HTML5 video feedback an off-the-shelf feature. No tricky development needed, simply reuse the HTML5 video datatype. Publishing on new mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad is a snap ! The administration interface improves Content Browsing functionality, making it easier to navigate through large sets of content. Your User Generated Content gets a helping hand with the addition of native support for reCaptcha, the Google-based free captcha service on the web, which helps prevent your website from being infested by bot spam.
In short, a better usability to let you seamlessly focus on your content !


Provide developer tools to craft next-level apps

You are a developer ? Ok, sit back, relax and read-on, that is getting exciting now. eZ Publish 4.4 has a lot to offer, with a host of new technical features dedicated to developing on the platform. First, a new User Session handler gives you more possibilities for the configuration of web servers. File system-based user session management multiplies the performance of eZ Publish servers when talking to a large audience of anonymous users. So yes, that means better performance, and a closer match with PHP’s native session management mechanism.
eZ Publish 4.4 improves section management, multi-site setup, and extension loading, but the biggest news is the Developer Preview of the forthcoming eZ Publish API ! The eZ Publish API shows the way for developing remote applications for new devices, drawing a clear line in today’s furnished eZ Publish API, both at the HTTP and PHP levels. This also means higher Backward Compatibility of your home brew extensions. Connecting to eZ Publish through HTTP/REsT and using its content and functionalities is easier than ever. The light-weight remote API makes eZ Publish the platform of choice for Mobile Content Management, mobile apps are at the tips of your fingers. iPhone, iPad platforms, Android or Blackberry.


About the packages

You will notice that this release is package in a very lightweight manner : no stack-installer, simply eZ Publish (with or without the Zeta Components), and a series of extensions. Tarballs, that’s all a lean and agile developer needs to get hands-on in a split second. The Community Project board will decide, once in operation, of the standard packaging scheme for the Community Project releases, as well as the release pace. Stay tuned here too.


Full story

To get an overview of all changes brought to eZ Publish in the past 6 months, check every intermediate version’s changelog :


Download eZ Publish Fuji (4.4)

eZ Publish itself


Additional extensions you may want to try


Upgrade to Fuji

Here is the detailed procedure for migrating to eZ Publish Fuji (4.4) :


About the new

Clicked there yet : ? try it out, a brand new look for And also a better separation of purposes. This will clarify things a lot. is the place for Community Members daily exchanging on eZ Publish in general, and will be the main corporate information channel. We like simple things, and this move simplifies our web presence. Last, but not least : no tedious form to fill out before being able to finally click the “download” link