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eZ running on Git

Thursday 03 June 2010 6:00:42 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

EDIT : eZ Publish Community Project's git repository can now be found here :

Big news today, concerning all of us keeping an eye on eZ Publish's code frequently : eZ is migrating to Git!

The adventure

The code currently available at will soon be hosted on

The main reasons are as follows:

  • Git is a distributed VCS which means people can commit disconnected (e.g. while at a customer site, or working on the train) and you can commit more frequently (e.g. partially-working code which you commit locally but don't push upstream until it really works).
  • Git makes branching cheap. Creating branches for new features and then merging at the end is a useful and sensible practice which SVN makes difficult but Git makes much easier.
  • GitHub capitalizes on the previous point by openly inviting people to fork. We hope this will encourage more community contribution as community members will be able to fork and commit code to a public repository without us having to grant access to ours.

Practically for you guys, there are thousands of articles discussing and contrasting the two as well as tips about using Git for SVN users so Google is your friend :)
A few pointers however :


Here is the tentative schedule for this migration :

Friday, June 11th, 5pm Stopping all commits on the Subversion repository
June 12th/13th week-end Actual code migration
Monday, June 14th Status update on the migration + repository address given out

As you can note, we are one week away from the actual migration to Git. Feel free, during this time, to post your feedback, tips & tricks on such an adventure as comments under this post.

Cheers !

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eZ running on Git