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eZ Roadmap, our Community features database

Tuesday 26 July 2011 6:04:35 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

After an announce in my opening talk in the Community track at the eZ Conference 2011, the eZ Roadmap project is opened-up today. Read-on, this new tool is awesome.


eZ Roadmap is a new top-menu entry on the eZ Publish Community portal. This means it is an important thing. This is the place where :

  • Anyone can come-up with a feature idea,
  • Anyone can rate a feature by +1-ing it onto her own roadmap,
  • We can discuss the features,
  • You can openly tell you are in for participating to the elaboration of a feature.

This is a first, beta version of this tool, we are willing to improve it based on your feedback. Feel free to comment under this post to drop enhancements ideas, we need to make eZ Roadmap a killer open-source innovation tool !

All details are presented here, along with a FAQ section.


I would like to thank the Netgen team for having helped us make this happen. You can ping them on Twitter : @netgentweets.

PS : My Lego metaphor continues. This picture is captioned "Working together creates energy" :