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eZ Publish Localization : new process and 4.5 localization to be polished

Tuesday 22 February 2011 6:11:39 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

Nearing eZ Publish 4.5's release, a new process for Localizing/Translating is set-up. Also, come-by to polish your preferred translation before mid-March !


A few weeks left to polish eZ Publish 4.5 (Matterhorn)'s localization

The 4.5 localization cycle is nearing its end, four languages were updated so far :

  • Japanese
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Mexican Spanish

and one locale was added :

  • Arabic

A new process, read carefully

As you can see here, the trunk branch in svn was branched to stable/4.5-matterhorn, after having been updated with the new 4.5 strings, and other updates (obsolete strings). The additions (jpn-JP, esl-MX, fre-fr, dut-NL and the ara-SA locale) were all seamlessly merged.

Before being able to set-up a super-easy process, not requiring any technical knowledge (SVN or GIT usage namely), we'll start using GIT as a tool to gather localization efforts. This is a first step towards easiness. Please read carefully the following short tutorial, giving all details, step-by-step, on how this works : Translating & Localizing eZ Publish using GIT

Team membership still is managed through the central translation project ( ), the only change is how we share the translation and locale files. To become a member of the translation team, log-in on, and then click the “Register membership” button on this page : .


Thank you so far, keep-up !

I, and i am sure all international users of eZ Publish around the globe, would like to thank you for this wonderful work. We are aware that the translation process is, to-date, not the most optimal one. It requires some knowledge of the version control system Subversion, and now GIT, which might be off-putting sometimes. Bear in mind that this will be addressed, and revamped into a more usable, less technical one, in the course of this year's second quarter.

Let us make a few more efforts in the coming weeks, until mid-march, to polish eZ Publish 4.5 (Matterhorn)'s localization, making the release even more beautiful !

Thanks again, and happy localization !