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eZ Publish Community Project : governance structure and role are now final

Thursday 07 October 2010 4:22:06 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

The first major step in launching the eZ Publish Community Project, setting up a Governance Board, is nearing completion. Read on for all details.


Openness & Transparency

The process of creating the Community Project Board was baked in openness and transparency. The story goes like this :

  1. We published a first draft of the governance structure and role : The Community Project step 1 : Governance
  2. A large amount of feedback was sent back, and thanks a million for this. That is what open content is about, and why should it not be applied to us ?
    As comments under the initial post, in other forum threads, live in Oslo and Paris, through IRC, live chat, twitter.
  3. We could amass it all and digest it into a modified version of the Governance - Framework document. The latter is an important one. It structures the way the Board functions, decides, orients the Community Project, recruits the next Board members, and connects with the rest of the community. Please read through it, and even bookmark it. It will be linked to from the "Product & Code" section (more on this here).

Board member wannabe ?

This concretely means that, if you feel like getting deeply involved in the eZ Publish Community Project, have a fair amount of time to dedicate and think you fulfill the recruitment criteria, then you should apply to be a Board member. Sending an email to will do the deal. You can also do this publicly as comment under this post, if you prefer. I already received a few applications, and have not gotten back to applicants yet : do not worry, they are all safely taken into account. Just to clarify : i am talking about Board membership application here, not committer or patch submitter. This will come soon.


Stay tuned

While the initial body of the Board is being assembled, the next step is to craft the Participation model, in the same way as for the Governance. We will soon come up with a Request For Comments (a draft), on which we'd love all of you guys to react. Just as key as the Governance is, the Participation model will lead the way any volunteer can put hands-on eZ Publish's kernel : submitting patches, committing directly on github, reviewing patches, producing documentation, etc. Mind reading through the soon-to-be published RFC, it is meant to seriously change the way participation currently happens..and we are not only talking about contributing code....your life as a whole in the eZ Community will be affected :) (one word only should leak here : FUN ).

The rocket is on the launchpad,
Cheers all,