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eZ Publish Community Project 2011.6 hit the road

Thursday 23 June 2011 3:14:13 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

The third build of eZ Publish Community Project is now available. Read on for all details.

This build contains nothing less than 23 bug-fixes and 8 comprehensive pull-requests.

Please continue downloading and testing these builds, and sending back your pull-requests or feedback. The Hackathon at the eZ Conference proved the real enthusiasm in our Community : the keen github new comers learnt from the wise men, the routined developers developed, fixed bugs and enhanced the kernel, channeling this all back to eZ Publish's central repository, through pull-requests.

Details on the build/release policy were posted yesterday, you should read through this to understand the life-cycles of the Community Project, and how is interacts with Enterprise Edition : Release Policy

More on how to be a part of this wonderful, innovation, communal adventure :  How to contribute to eZ Publish using Git
More on how to get involved on all sides, in the eZ Community : Get involved

All you need to know :

Hackingly yours,