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Community Project Board meeting minutes - May 3rd

Sunday 15 May 2011 11:09:52 am

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By : Robin Muilwijk

Here are the minutes of the 6th Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Note: Andrew excused himself, his vote was transferred to Ole Marius.

External Communication on Cty Project


Event planner

Wireframes submitted by Nicolas + written functional specs. Review requested by the Board. Gilles can lend a hand, but he needs a partner to team-up with. Idea for finding a partner : posting in the forums and/or on IRC. Robin is leading the project.


Next steps & actions :

  • Review by the Board : everyone
  • Find the implementation team : Robin
  • Implementation : tbd
  • Populate the calendar with our list of events : tbd
  • Provide guidance to the community on how to use it (under /get-involved/events) : tbd
Evangelizing material
  • Nicolas is finishing the demo synopsis
  • Presentation material to be finished too : Nicolas

Product Direction

Release policy

From last meeting : publish the final version of the release policy.


Post-mortem after 4.2011 build

Little feedback
Need for more visibility : bigger download button, more clarity, better articulation with


Provide clearer upgrade instructions :

  • documentation
  • automated tools

Extensions were not available separately.
The name of build was not ideal :

  • we should have <year>.<month>

"Download" section on must be improved :
Idea : step-by-step guide :

  1. Download the tarball here
  2. Click here to get the upgrade instructions

Download page : as simple as possible : only the latest version presented, and a small link to archives (inspiration : ). Idea : have a different background image for every new build. "A simple download slate".


Crowd initiative for creating the "Install eZ Publish Community Project" instructions, à la Wordpress : . Visual assets like videos, or a series of images could be ideal.

  • Naming of the builds : <year>.<month>
    --> reflect this in the final version of the Release policy
  • Upgrade instructions : Changelog + Documentation + later : tools for upgrading
    - "Build available as a package on, under the download section : tarballs, extensions, changelog, upgrade instructions." -->
    - "Automated build delivery : every time a new build is ready, reflects this automatically". A baseline for upgrade doc is provided, and a build-specific release note, containing the unusual upgrade instructions. Any change introducing an upgrade instruction should be immediately documented.

Create a baseline for upgrading between two successive versions. Can be extracted from the upgrade pages on The extension upgrade question remains unanswered for now. We need to provide a place where specific upgrade instructions can be documented (place + stub). Github's wiki could be an idea. Need to have a dedicated meeting on how to organize this.


Next release tentative date

Monday, May 16th.


Next meeting

Wed. May 25th, 15:00 GMT+1