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Community Project Board meeting minutes - May 25th

Thursday 02 June 2011 11:39:37 am

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By : Robin Muilwijk

Here are the minutes of the 7th Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.


Robin excused himself.
Nicolas is continuing to work on evangelism material. Has provided an example of slides from the Dutch PHP conference which could be used.


First build automation plan still needs to be documented, Gaetano and Ole have had time constraints since previous meeting.


Action: Ole Marius and Gaetano to discuss availability to produce automation plan prior to next board meeting and will report back.


Consolidated coding standards to be released as RFC in 2 or 3 weeks.


“The ideal pull-request contents” guidance doc and upgrade tool progress still to be made, time constraints affecting delivery.


Action: Relocate Community Board Mission Statement from Develop page to Get Involved page. [Nicolas]


Action: Sketch out revised layout for Develop page to draw more attention to the development resources. [Andrew]


Action: “The ideal-pull request” document to be written. [Ole Marius, Gaetano]


There is already a simplified upgrade baseline as used between 4.2011 and 2011.5 
This document needs to be turned into a skeleton and automated as much as possible. Document to be kept outside of the website initially.


Action: Create skeleton document for upgrades. [Gaetano]


Action: Create shared dropbox for use by community board. [Nicolas]


If eZ Systems is considering opening up documentation for community collaboration it could be valuable to begin tagging content as applicable for specific versions of both the Enterprise and Community releases. This will reduce documentation overhead and manual merging while ensuring we can document on-the-fly as Community releases are made.


We need to ensure feature collisions don’t occur between Community and Enterprise editions.


Action: Set up a meeting with eZ documentation lead and provide minutes of meeting to the board. [Ole Marius].


(Shared documentation snippets, contributed snippets tagged for release, to reuse relevant snippets on the same baseline of releases, where applicable. Addition of visual timeline to main eZ Documentation)


Action: Respond to forum post by Geoff Bentley. Respond saying we likely won’t change version naming, however we are looking to improve documentation through tagging versions. [Ole Marius]


Action: Create visual timeline mapping builds between Enterprise and Community editions. [Nicolas]
example :


Action: Add visual map on the main Downloads page. [Nicolas]


Note :
Possible new distribution channel for eZ CP : 
On top of freshmeat + sourceforge


Action: [everybody] investigate what is available in it, and come up with ideas on whether we should submit eZ or not and why


Release policy

Feedback from the community :


Next build : 2011.6

As early as possible in week 25


Next meeting

June 21st, 3pm GMT+1.