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Community Project Board meeting minutes - July 27th

Thursday 18 August 2011 10:10:22 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

Here are the minutes of the 9th Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.


Robin excused himself.


Event planner

Gilles decided to speed-up the development, and take more leadership here. Steven & Paul got the SVN credentials, the whole team is now fully geared-up.

Done :

  • content classes,
  • gmaps integration,
  • templating is done

Todo :

  • Logged-in features : request a new event
  • YQL connector (template operator) : request for Steven's feedback, and continuation anyways,
  • New eZ Flow block for the home-page

Action [Gilles] : poll team, and move-on. Nicolas proposed his help here.



Action [Nicolas] : create more material


Build automation

The last build (2011.7) occasioned documentation of the build process.
The skeleton for upgrade doc was written by Gaetano and used for the 2011.7 build.
We should consider tagging the builds on github.

Issue when writing the release notes : how can we present the new things on a catchy way ?
The "ideal pull request" should contain a description of any mid-size to large feature, helping write cool release notes.

Scripts for generating the upgrade document automatically, off the skeleton. The possible differences from build to build are :

  • DB update scripts
  • PHP scripts

inserted on a per-build basis. Output : ezxml text.

Deadline : 2 weeks.

Action[Gaetano/Robin/Ole Marius] : Upgrade instructions
On, linked to from the download page, tool TBD (script?), semi-automated,

Action [Ole Marius/Nicolas] : Discuss the feasibility of creating an CI/Build repository, dedicated to Community Project.

Action [Gilles/Gaetano][for 2011.9] : test these instructions for the next build (2011.8), and adjust them based on their external feedback.


Coding standards

RFC in progress, a few more weeks before final publication. 15 comments so far on the RFC.


Ideal pull request

Pull-requests fixing more than 1 issue at a time can use the commit message format described here :
For larger pull-requests, join an explanation. Possible ways of documenting the feature :

  • in the pull-request description. The review team can take the liberty (with upfront request) to enhance the description in the pull-request.
  • have a dedicated feature-description file under doc/features/??/<feature-name>.txt

Ole Marius prepared a wiki page, based on the tutorial's contents. The idea is to strip it down to a series of command-lines examples. On top, the "ideal pull-request" description can be added there. Example :

Action [Ole Marius or eZ Engineering] : Strip down the content of the above.
Action [Robin {helped by Nicolas}] : Need to update the tutorial about git/github (or provide  anew one): explain how to install eZ Publish from a Github fork.


Mission statement

Action [Andrew]: Sketch out revised layout for Develop page to draw more attention to the development resources.


Open eZ Doc

Geir Arne is ok on the principle. Tagging the doc contents per version should be working (PHP example. Open-doc idea accepted too by Geir Arne. Need for a dev resource to make this happen.

Action [Ole Marius] : ask Geir Arne to produce his view on these (wireframes, functional description, concrete) two points : tagging + user generated content.
Deadline : loose, Geir Arne on holiday.

Action [Gilles] : Write short description of the main features of the solution currently built, in-house, for knowledge management. The content currently created can also be of interest (screencasts, etc).


Versions map between EE / CP

Action [Nicolas]: Create visual timeline mapping builds between Enterprise and Community editions.
example :

Action [Nicolas]: Add visual map on the main Downloads page.


Distribution of eZ CP

Gaetano investigated this. The Postgresql seem to have a channel to distribute "any" software. Action [Gaetano] : update on the feasibility/conditions
Deadline : next meeting.

Microsoft Web installer : Gaetano produced a build of the installer, which needs to be tested before we make it part of the distribution scheme.
Action [Gaetano] : make a blog post under the "Community Project Board" calling on testers here.

General side-note on new distribution channels : some follow-up is absolutely required when tapping into "new" communities (specially the less technical communities).


Next build : 2011.8

Thursday, August 18th.


Next meeting

Thu Sep 8, 2011 at 20:00 CET (GMT+2)