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Community Project Board meeting minutes - April 5th

Thursday 14 April 2011 10:20:18 am

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By : Nicolas Pastorino

Here are the minutes of the fifth Community Project Board meeting. The previous ones can be found here.

Note : Gilles excused himself, his vote was transferred to Robin.

External Communication on Cty Project

Mission statement & Values

Review of proposals, vote.

  • Should be fun to participate
  • Mission statement should be short
  • Should encourage evangelising by community members
  • Should avoid confusion with terms such as community project vs. community
  • Consider a global mission statement vs. a mission for the community project board
  • Short, two-sentence statement, followed by a longer elaboration
  • Focusing on the board in the first iteration

“The eZ Community Project Board mission is to lead the community, facilitate collaboration between the community and eZ Systems and to foster innovation of the eZ Publish content management platform”



Event planner : review of investigations by Andrew/Gilles. Next steps.

  • Lanyrd doesn’t yet have an open API
  • LinkedIN doesn’t have API for events
  • Use YQL to harvest events organized on Lanyrd

The first solution will surface data on, using YQL to display data managed on Lanyrd. Robin will coordinate with the team to craft an extension to integrate with lanyrd+YQL.

Need to :

  • See how to create an eZ Community calendar on lanyrd and allow any community member to post his events on it [Robin],
  • Advertise this feature once in place.

Evangelizing material : review of work done so far. Next steps


Product Direction

Release policy

Review of updated Release Policy presentation. Next steps.


Dive into practical details:

  • releases frequency
  • build farm
  • release responsibility
  • release + build availability (Download page, redesign required by team ?)
  • changelogs per build (format, tools/procedures to produce them)
  • coding standards
  • required content when submitting a pull-request (bug-fix, small to mid-size feature, larger feature) : unit-tests, inline doc, functional doc, install doc, issue in the tracker, etc.
  • point releases / how many branches are maintained
  • content of builds / release (packaged extensions and so on)

Discussion points:

  • Temporary solution: Monthly builds. Aim: nightly builds
  • Automated build farm
  • Need first build out, fast
  • Plan the eventual automation of the build system
  • Make builds of extensions available via projects pages, needs to be looked into
  • New consolidated coding standards linked via participation howto


  • OMS/GG will investigate the automation process
  • OMS, NFRP and GG will assist on creating the first build
  • Mention the goal of nightly builds in RFC.

Next steps:

  • Offline discussion on pull request description. Essentially a HOWTO for community members to make good pull requests. Mention guidance in RFC.

Tools for the Board

Specify interaction with team.
Decision: reschedule topic for next meeting


Next meeting

April 26th, 16:00 GMT+1