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The eZ Coding standards need you !

Thursday 26 May 2011 9:09:01 am

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By : Bertrand Dunogier

In our continuous effort to open eZ Publish to both our community and professional partners, we have worked on establishing coding standards that will help uniformize how our software is written and organized.

Since you, community members, are contributing more and more to eZ Publish, by means of pull requests or extensions, it only makes sense to ask for your feedback before we publish a first version of these standards.

You can see the current version as a public google document: Go through it, even if it is only a little, and please, let us know what you think should go in there or could be improved.

The standards will be open for review until the 14th of june.

In order to contribute more efficiently, you can request write access to the document. To do so, you need to give us your share login as well as a gmail address:

  • post a comment to this blog post
  • send a twitter message to Nicolas Pastorino (@jeanvoye) or myself, Bertrand Dunogier (@bdunogier)
  • drop us an email (nfrp [at] ez [dot] no or bd [at] ez [dot] no).

Keep in mind that this document is a living one. As our developement methodologies, or global techniques, evolve, the document will be updated.
We do thank you in advance for the time you will spend on this, and are eagerly looking forward to your input. Cheers !

Feedback log
  • "Torough documentation" => "Thorough documentation" (Bruce Morrisson)
  • No mention of line length (Bruce Morisson)
  • Need precisions about UpperCamelCase / LowerCamelCase / prefixes (Matthieu Sévère)
    Replied in comments, not improved yet in the document
  • FooProvider::factory() isn't prefixed and isn't in LowerCamelCase (Matthieu Sévère)
  • What about //autogentag// in extensions (Yannick Komotir)
    Replied in the comments
  • Heredoc example is misleading (Donat Fritschy)

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The eZ Coding standards need you !