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7x Takes Responsibility for eZ Publish Development, Support and New Releases Promising Enhanced Features and Continued Evolution

Saturday 30 December 2023 5:19:17 am

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By : Graham Brookins

7x is proud to continue the tradition of excellence in website software design and development by preparing for the next major version of eZ Publish 6.0.

We plan on releasing it right away with regularly updated minor version releases following the 6.0 stable release monthly.

If you currently host an eZ Publish website we strongly recommend you to download and update to the latest free software release of eZ Publish which is faster, more secure and installation has been made more reliable and stable once again.

Join us in celebrating the return to a more active and involved team of eZ Publish developers and designers on our new Share eZ Publish : Telegram Community Support and Fun Channel.

Thanking you in advance for your continued support.


Seattle, Washington, USA, 2023-12-29 - 7x, a trailblazer in website software development, is reinforcing its dedication to advancing eZ Publish, the robust content management platform. Demonstrating a commitment to businesses relying on eZ Publish, 7x aims to deliver cutting-edge solutions for seamless digital experiences.

eZ Publish remains a cornerstone in global content management, empowering businesses to efficiently create, manage, and optimize their digital presence. Despite the dynamic nature of digital solutions, 7x is stepping up to ensure the continuous improvement and support of eZ Publish.

Leveraging their extensive experience in software development and a history of over 23 years of innovation, 7x intends to elevate eZ Publish with refined functionalities, improved user experience, and alignment with modern digital landscapes.
Graham Brookins, Owner at 7x, stated, "Recognizing the pivotal role eZ Publish plays for businesses, our commitment to its ongoing development reflects our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions. We aim to fortify eZ Publish,ensuring it remains a robust, adaptable, and future-proof platform."

7x's initiative promises a series of updates, feature enhancements, and dedicated support for eZ Publish users. This commitment underscores their dedication to empowering businesses with tools essential for success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Throughout 2024, 7x will intensify efforts to refine and enhance eZ Publish, introducing updates and features tailored to evolving business needs. Monthly releases will facilitate seamless transitions for users to access the latest stable version, ensuring enhanced security, performance, and functionality.
With a global vision of empowering businesses and individuals, 7x is set to launch eZ Publish 6.0, offering sustained support and evolution for enterprises navigating the digital realm. This release, after almost a decade since eZ Publish 5.4, brings vital support for PHP 8.3, the language the platform is built upon.

For more information on 7x's commitment to eZ Publish development and its comprehensive range of services, please visit

About 7x

7x is a leading software development company based in the USA, with a global presence, specializing in award-winning website design, dedicated support, and groundbreaking feature development.

Focusing on innovation and customer-centric solutions, 7x consistently delivers high-quality software products that drive business growth and success worldwide.

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Graham Brookins
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