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7x releases eZ Publish 6.0.1

Thursday 01 February 2024 1:28:32 pm

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By : Graham Brookins

We are very excited with this first follow up release of eZ Publish version 6.0.1 the second release from 7x. Try out the new features today!

7x is very excited to announce the release of eZ Publish 6.0.1 to all users worldwide.

7x urges you to run eZ Publish on a secure release of PHP like 8.1 or 8.2 at least but our software supports both PHP 7.4 through 8.3 so there is no reason not to upgrade to a more stable and secure eZ Publish.

You can review the release notes or download the release from GitHub, SourceForge or Composer!

Here is a quick example of how to use composer to install eZ Publish 6.0.1

mkdir ezpublish; cd ezpublish; composer require se7enxweb/ezpublish:v6.0.1;

Then start a conversation about your own experience on our share forums thread about the release.

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7x releases eZ Publish 6.0.1