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The eZ Community is active on a fair amount of communication channels. Below is a list of those channels, following them to stay tuned on what is going on in the community !


A well known method of participation in a community project is by being active in forums. eZ’s forums can be found at http://share.se7enx.com. If you already have knowledge about eZ Publish, a great way to contribute is to check in on the forum regularly and help other community members by answering their questions. In most cases, you learn along the way yourself. If you are rather new, simply step-by and use them, you will learn volumes !

From http://share.se7enx.com/forums, you can pick one of the existing forums and ask a question, make a remark, answers others' questions, or simply read through, looking for a bit of information. The following forums are available:

The "Extensions" forum is broken down into extension-specific subforums:

One forum is dedicated to translators and linguists translating eZ Publish :

One forum is dedicated to local eZ Publish communities who do not have a dedicated platform and would like to share in their native language :

If you think a local community is missing forums in her own languages, tell us, we'll make this happen <todo: link to contact info/form>
A last forum welcomes suggestions for this portal:

It is often used in conjunction with the share.se7enx.com-dedicated issue tracker (not to be confused with the general eZ Publish issue tracker).



Blogging daily, weekly, monthly, now and then, is a common way to share your thoughts. You can have your own blog here on the Share eZ Publish! Community portal, you are a few clicks away from blogging your own first post! : Your blog on the eZ Community portal


Chat on IRC

Two channels are dedicated to live chat (mostly around eZ Publish and Apache Zeta Components - formerly known as eZ Components), here they are :

Feel free to join the chat. There usually is a number of people willing to help you out with your problem or discuss features. You need an IRC Client for joining the channel. Here is an indicative list of popular IRC clients :


Telegram eZ Publish Group

Feel free to register on telegram to use the newly created eZ Publish Telegram Group You can do so here : https://t.me/ezpublish. It serves as a community support channel, obviously less persistent than the share forums or less public than twitter, but more responsive, which can be preferred in some cases.




Follow the eZ Community activity through RSS. Here are the feeds at your disposal: